19 July 2009

Recommended yoga reading

I would highly recommend The Yoga Bible by Christina Brown, published by Godsfields press.

It is a very informative yoga book, with lots of great photos to guide you into positions. I would not recommend it to beginners, as I think many of the poses in the book are better suited to advanced yoga students. I have given this book to a number of my students, who travel a lot, as the pocket size format is ideal for them.

While we are not looking for perfect poses, I think the photographs in this book demonstrate very good alignment and technique, and introduced me to a few poses I had not seen before.

This book does not adhere to anyone style of yoga, but certainly comes under the wide Hatha yoga umbrella.

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  1. Could you recommend any books for people who are interested in taking up yoga for the first time? I am thinking about starting yoga, but haven't the faintest idea about where to start... Also, how is yoga good for stress?


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