09 December 2009

Daniel Radcliffe - Harry Potter.

My daughter recently meet Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame and said what a charming unaffected young man he is. I thought I would share a (what I think is funny) conversation that she overhead from a couple that joined them in the room.

Woman: “Look there, that man from the telly”

Man: “What? Is he in Eastenders? Coronation St?” . (He then proceeded to name various TV shows)

Woman: “No, you idiot! He is a hobbit in The Lord of the Rings !”

Think not!

Fortunately Harry Potter did not hear this conversation, but from what I have been told, he too might have found it funny.


  1. Oh I just love him!! So glad to hear he's wonderful in person!!

  2. LOL, he would make a good hobbit but not as good as the friend with the red hair!!

  3. Poor chap always going to be a magician or a hobbit :-)


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