06 January 2010

Happy New Year

Here we are on the 6th of January 2010 and I am finally getting around to wishing you all a Happy New Year. My family and I had a fantastic trip to Goa and I will post some of my favourite bits.

India is one of the noisiest, most vibrant and beautiful places I have visited. I have been to Goa before, but never with my family. When I have travelled to India in the past, I have always gone on my own and stayed on yoga retreats (more to follow in another post). Although I have loved the previous visits, this one was extra special and I felt more involved with Indian culture and spent more time with local people than ever before.

We went to waterfalls, parties, markets, a spice plantation, rode on elephants, amongst other things. It was wonderful to share this experience with my teenagers and watching my son turn from an urban Londonite into a chilled out Goan was something else. We ate in beach shacks, drunk mocktails and kingfishers and all managed to avoid getting “Delhi Belly”, which was another first for me. My favourite mocktail (non-alcoholic) was called “Pussy food”, which caused huge amounts of laughter every time I ordered one.

I went to the Brahmi yoga school for one yoga class and did a self-practice most days. It was brilliant having the time to practice both first and second series Ashtanga, but the days I didn’t feel like yoga, I didn’t practice it. So much to do and so little time! The beauty of having a yoga practice is that it is always there for you.

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