08 January 2010

Snowy London

Here are a few photos from down town Putney in London yesterday.

The British have an obsession with the weather; hot, cold or indifferent, it is always a topic of conversation. The capital has really slowed down with the snow in London and severe weather warnings have been issued for forthcoming days.

My son is delighted as he does not have to go to school and has donned tights under his clothes to spend the whole day throwing snow with his friends. Apparently tights under your clothes are all the rage with his football team. He says they are Nike Pro but they still look like ladies tights to me. Six foot of male gangly legs looks hilarious in tights. Maybe I am starting to get cabin fever, as I am slightly confined to barracks. I have had to cancel yoga classes and workshops as the studio heating cant cope with the temperature. Acceptance is key!

Don’t forget to feed the birds.

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