27 April 2010

Benefits of spinal twisting yoga poses

Twisting yoga poses have many benefits to both mind and body, which include:
  • Massaging the internal organs
  • Detoxifying the body
  • Improving digestion
  • Increasing the function of the liver, spleen and pancreas
  • Toning the oblique muscles (waist muscles)
  • Bringing symmetry and balance
The lateral rotation of the spine increases blood flow to the spinal nerve ending, flushing the spine with fresh oxygenated blood. The central energy channel of susumna nadi is situated inside the spinal column, therefore twisting poses encourage the upward ascent of energy (prana) . The Anahata chakra is stimulated in thoracic twists. This chakra represents unconditional love and is the seat of the heart... It is a gateway to higher chakras.

Twisting poses balance the body. In our every day lives, we tend not to twist in a balanced way and will habitually favour one side. Spinal twists help to bring symmetry to the body, also calming the nervous system


  1. Nice information! Are twists safe to do throughout pregnancy? I am especially concerned about the first few months, seems like deep twists could disturb the uterus?

  2. Hi Samantha, deep twists are not recommended at any time during pregnancy.Gentle "open" twists are more suitable at this time.


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