29 July 2010

Video: Sharath Rangaswamy Practising back bends

Back bends are one of my greatest challenges, so to observe Sharath Rangaswamy, a great teacher practising them is incredible. You are really able to listen to the flow of his breath throughout the asana practice too, reminding ourselves that this is about the breath as well as the pose.


  1. Hi, yes, I like watching this video, have it close by for reminders... by the way, he is Sharath JOIS now... says so in his office in Mysore ;-)

  2. It is amazing to watch how it could be done-Not that I can do that-Practice all is coming ( perhaps) :-) Cherie x

  3. Yes, amazing. However, is it bad that I don't want to be able to grab my legs?! It looks a little poltergeisty to me ;)


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