29 October 2010


A drishti is a focal point or gaze point. Using a drishti in your yoga practice helps to deepen your concentration and they bring a steadiness to your yoga. They are cultivated over time, alongside all other aspects of a yoga practice.

The nine drishtis are:
  • Nasagrai (Nāsāgrai) - at the tip of the nose
  • Angusta ma dyai (Aṅguṣṭha madhyai) – to the thumb
  • Nabi chakra (Nābhicakra) – to the navel
  • Padhayoragrai (Pādayoragrai) – to the toes
  • Hastagrai (Hastagrai) – to the palm/ extended hand
  • Parsva (Pārśva) – to the side/s
  • Urdhva (Ūrdhva) – to the sky/ upwards
  • Naitrayohmadya or Ajna chakra (Bhrūmadhya) - to the third eye/ between the eyebrows
  • Parsva drishti - far right or far left

Ubhaya padangusthasana - example of a Nasagrai (nose) drishti

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