31 December 2010

Ashtanga yoga moon days 2011

"Observing this restraint to practice can be helpful in not becoming too attached to practice and routine. It also provides time for the body to rest and recuperate."
Richard Freeman

New moon
  • Tuesday 4th January: new moon
  • Wednesday 2nd February: new moon
  • Friday 4th March: new moon
  • Sunday 3rd April: new moon
  • Tuesday 3rd May: new moon
  • Wednesday 1st June: new moon
  • Friday 1st July: new moon
  • Saturday 30th July: new moon
  • Monday 29th August: new moon
  • Tuesday 27th September: new moon
  • Wednesday 26th October: new moon
  • Friday 25th November: new moon
  • Saturday 24th December: new moon

Full moon
  • Wednesday 19th January: full moon
  • Friday 18th February: full moon
  • Saturday 19th March: full moon
  • Monday 18th April: full moon
  • Tuesday 17th May: full moon
  • Wednesday 15th June: full moon
  • Friday 15th July: full moon
  • Saturday 13th August: full moon
  • Monday 13th September: full moon
  • Wednesday 12th October: full moon
  • Thursday 10th November: full moon
  • Saturday 10th December: full moon

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