06 February 2011

Yoga School Dropout by Lucy Edge

This week we had our book group meeting in the fabulous Putney Station (one of the Brinkley’s restaurants – very cool and accommodating they were too) and we were lucky enough to have the author of the book we were reading come along. Lucy Edge's book, Yoga School Dropout, describes her journey to become a yoga goddess. Her book documents her travels in India and has a warts-and-all look at some of the "gurus" she met on her journey.

Lucy clearly has a passion for all aspects of yoga, so the book has a lot of references to yoga terminology. It made me laugh out loud in some places. I too have travelled in India and have been in situations where the lessons learnt were not what I had expected them to be. "Gurus" - or teachers - come in many different forms and I think this book describes finding humility, to see that perhaps it is the shop keeper or the taxi driver who can open your eyes to something new. It is the journey within that Lucy ultimately discovers. Yoga School Dropout would be a great guide to anyone looking to travel on a yoga trail in India and is definitely a light-hearted view.

Jemma Forte also came along to the book group and we look forward to reading her next book From London with Love when it is published in July. What a talented group of women in our midst.

Lucy Edge, 3rd on the left. Jemma Forte, 5th on the left

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