28 April 2011

Liz Lark Yoga Retreats

International yoga teacher and author Liz lark will be running yoga retreats in Italy, Canary Islands and Ibiza this summer. Liz is a wonderful teacher with knowledge in many yoga disciplines.

She leads Yoga Holidays in unspoilt locations of natural beauty, tapping into the raw elemental inspiration of practicing yoga in these environments, which inspire her teaching.

A Board Member and teacher for Yoga campus Teachers Training Course in London, Liz is involved in training safe, competent, creative yoga teachers committed to maintaining a high caliber of yoga teaching in the UK and beyond. (see www.yogacampus.com)

She has written several books, and created a DVD, called ‘Yogalibre’, which draws strengths from different approaches to Hatha Yoga, inspired by flowing vinyasa, with structural foundation, and values creative visualization, the mystical, and philosophical seeds offered from numerous sources.

For more details on these retreats and UK classes visit: www.Lizlark.com

23-30 July
Santa Maria Del Sole: Stunning Peaceful Retreat Centre
For info & bookings contact:
0845 4580723

Early bird discounts available, please call above!


  1. Liz was my first teacher, she's certainly inspiring and funny and thanks to her 15 years later I still get on my mat every day.

  2. How lovely to have a mutual connection with a teacher :-)


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