01 April 2011

Patanjali Yoga sutra

The yoga sutra of Patanjali

Book Two Sadhana Pada:
"The Seer is nothing but the power of seeing which, although pure, appears to see through the mind."

Through yogic thinking we can see the entire humanity as our own. we can embrace all without any exceptions. Even the worst sinner will be loved by us because we ourselves were once sinners. Todays sinner is tomorrows saint. We will never criticize a sinner if we realize that we were once in the same boat. Instead, we can give the so-called sinner a helping hand. if a baby dirties its diaper, you dont criticize it. If you wish to criticize it you have no business being with child.

So yoga helps in every aspect of our lives, from the White House to the out house. It is not something to be experienced only after 60 years of practice, but something that can benefit everyone now.

A translation by Sri Swami Satchidananda.

I really like this translation of a Sutra. It enables me to understand in practical terms the meaning of "non-judgement" and "letting go" and is a great reminder to practice it now, when I feel aggrieved by someone else's behaviour.

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