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New Yoga Studio in Putney

originally uploaded by Here is a little preview of my yoga space which will open in early July. I will be adding lots of new classes to my timetable and a few new teachers will be joining me to support the ever-growing yoga community.I will be working alongside osteopaths and physiotherapists at The Putney Clinic of physical therapy. On site there will be 25 doctors and MRI imaging; so a real East meets West yoga studio, just like I always wanted.

Quote of the day

If you see the soul in every living being, you see truly. If you see immortality in the heart of every mortal being, you see truly
The Bhagavad Gita

Pose of the day

Yoga 004, originally uploaded by Vrishchikasana. I am still practicing this pose close to the wall when I am on my own.

Triyoga comes to the Kings Road Chelsea.

I am so excited Triyoga is coming to my neck of the woods in Chelsea,south-west London.
Central and north London seemed to have had the monopoly on yoga studios for a number of years and the south-west was distinctly lacking on the yoga front, but not anymore!
Triyoga opens its new studios on the trendy Kings road, on Saturday 2nd of July. The new centre will have three beautiful light studios, three treatment rooms, an organic café, a juice bar, a cool area to hang out with friends and a shop.
The classes on offer will be for the complete newcomer to yoga to the more advanced Ashtanga Mysore practice. A wide range of treatments and therapies will also be available (see link belowf or more details). Triyoga often have some of the world's best yoga teachers pay them a visit. They run some of the best yoga workshops in London, which is why I'm so excited.

Free opening day yoga classes
To celebrate the opening of triyoga Chelsea,…

Wimbledon Tennis - What to wear?

With the Wimbledon Tennis Championships starting on Monday and the British weather being its-usual-unpredictable-self, I thought I would make a short list for anyone visiting.
I was teaching yoga at last week's Wimbledon tennis qualifying events and here was how the week went in photos.
Warm sunny days require sun glasses, hats, and sun cream.

Ball boys and girls have a rest in the Sunshine (they had in fact been stretching before I took this photo.)

Things start to go a bit down hill on the weather front. Oooh, think I can spot some rain from up here.

Covers on tennis courts chaps..

Festival mac comes in handy after all!
So a suggested list of items needed (vanity will have to go out the window).
Zinc sun cream: never a great look unless you rub it in well.A silly hat so your family can spot you on the telly.A foldaway umbrella, preferably in a cheery colour, as you will be feeling miserable if you need it; plus your friends can find you in the crowdsFlip flops for warm weather.Flip flo…

Vegetarian cook needed in fabulous yoga retreat Goa


Needed - Experienced Vegetarian cook: Oversee menu planning, budgeting and cooking for up
to 50 guests, co-manage kitchen with current chefs , including supervising small team of hard-working locals. Positions include accommodation, meals, local subsistence salary and a unique opportunity to study with the world's top Ashtanga teachers as well as meeting amazing people
from around the world and experiencing Goan culture in its true sense.

Please send your details, CV or resume to

Quote of the day

It is in the very heart of our activity that we search for our god. Rabindranath Tagore

Nancy Gilgoff Workshop Tarifa Spain

I recently attended a fantastic Ashtanga yoga workshop with Nancy Gilgoff in Tarifa Spain. Casa yoga is running classes and workshops in a beautiful spot in southern Spain. Adam and Theresa who run Casa yoga had all bases covered, accommodation, food, and of course one of Ashtanga yoga's most experienced teachers Nancy Gilgoff. ( Nancy has been practicing for 40 years).
It always amazes me how a group of strangers ( mostly), can gather together and share the yoga journey-doesn't matter what pose your on? what your day job is? or if you speak the same language....I found this particular group dynamic, very uplifting, so thank you fellow yogis.
The Casa yoga set up makes it very easy to attend on your own. My non yogi husband came too and enjoyed running, swimming and the sunshine. The option of kite surfing, in one of the world best sites is available for the brave :-)

Wimbledon Tennis Qualifiers 2011

My favorite job has come around again - working at the Wimbledon Tennis qualifiers. This will be my 18th year doing the "warm up" sessions at this event. My son, who was a babe in arms the first time I did these sessions, will be joining me as a ball boy. It will be interesting to see if he pays attention to this instructor?!

Over the years I have seen many of the worlds top tennis players at this event; either participating for a place at the Championships or coming along to watch the competitors in action.

This is the 125th anniversary of the Wimbledon Championships. Let's hope the sunshine returns to London for the next three weeks!

Baked or griddled falafel with vegan yoghurt sauce

Originally published by Adam and Theresa on:
I first had Falafel at the tender age of 18 when I went to work on a Kibbutz (like a working farm) in Israel. These days, I'm sure in the trendier areas of East London they're even feeding Falafel wraps on- the-go to their toddlers, but back in the day, falafel was impossibly exotic and not even available at Camden Market. Imagine.

So straight off the plane and driving through the Negev desert to our allotted Kibbutz our driver stops at a roadside place for a quick break and orders one. Now at the time I wasn't vegetarian (that didn't happen for another year and it's another story..) but I've always been interested in different foods, so I immediately ordered the same as him. First off, I have to say I was a little disappointed when they told me it was ground chickpeas; I think I was anticipating chicken nuggets or something, but from the first bite I loved it. The crunch of the falafel with th…

Peeling the god-damn yoga onion

The past seven months have been a pretty difficult time in my life. As a family, we lost two friends to suicide, one of whom was 18 years old. My daughter became really unwell and we spent months trying to discover what was wrong and what we could do for her? The house was burgled, the dog had a major operation, the Vespa was stolen, the car blah, blah blah... Life stuff! Shit happens to everyone!

Throughout this time, I consistently showed up on my yoga mat. I showed up and cried. I showed and did standing poses. I showed up and did what ever I could, but I showed up.

For me, when I am in emotional pain, I feel it physically in my body so I had to sit with myself at times and allow those emotions to surface; something that is not always easy. I had to with draw from the debating society as my physical yoga practice felt like it was going backwards and I had to accept this. Binds I once had were no longer there, poses I once loved became my nemesis, I continued to place my mat on the fl…

Pose of the day

Kukkutasana, originally uploaded by Kukkutasana

Karandavasana, Led Intermediate Class, Mysore, India

I came to this pose for the first time a few days ago (assisted by Nancy Gilgoff). Took me by surprise I have to say BOOM I was in it. Yay.