31 August 2011

Yeo London! Let’s Yoga! In partnership with the Royal Parks Foundation

Yeo London! Let’s Yoga!

In partnership with the Royal Parks Foundation

The Sunset Session 31st August 6pm, the Round Pond, Kensington gardens


Sunset yoga in one of London parks tonight

Wednesday 31st August at 6pm at the Round Pond at Kensington Gardens. You can register for the Sunset Session by clicking visiting www.yeolondon.com.

There is a £5.00 fee for this class, so if you're looking for some outdoor yoga in the heart of London town, head on down, or look online for more of these sessions coming soon.

Summer Back Bends Ibiza

I have to take yoga assists where I can. On holiday in Ibiza earlier this summer my husband was recruited to help me with my "dropping back". He is not a yoga teacher, but as an osteopath with an MSc in Sports Science/Sports medicine, he has an excellent understanding of the body. It was a bit scary but I figured that he more than anyone was not going to drop me on my head ;-)

Yoga Ibiza

Yoga Ibiza

Yoga Ibiza

29 August 2011

Ashtanga Yoga : Jumping In To Crow Posture, Bakasana with Kino MacGregor...

I always find Kino's video clips useful. But how fast does she talk?

Bishopstrow House, Weekend Spa

After a week of intense yoga practice and a week that saw my body have a collision with a piece of Germany's finest car engineering, my son not getting his university place of choice, and then getting two places, I was exhausted both physically and mentally. The change in the university plans meant I did not have to make the long drive to Newcastle, so I cancelled my trip and booked a place at Bishopstrow House for my husband and myself instead.

I have blogged about this Spa hotel before. It is a beautiful, old manor house set in gorgeous countryside and has a feel of being in another era. While swimming alone in the outdoor pool, I imagined this is what it would have been like for the Astors, of Clivedon house, without the scandal of Christine Keller and the Profumo affair.

I booked a garden room but when I arrived it had been given to someone else. I almost wept when I was given a room without a view. However, this was swiftly rectified and the unwinding process began.

The spa is so relaxing and - although it definitely feels a bit odd to wander around a Georgian country manor in your dressing gown - we soon fell into the swing of it and left Bishopstrow with our batteries fully recharged.

I would highly recommend this hotel if you are looking for a quiet place to unwind. Packages are available, so it is always worth asking.

28 August 2011

Ashtanga yoga closing prayer

Closing Prayer
Svastiprajabhyah Paripalayantam Nyayena Margena Mahim Mahisah
Gobrahmanebhyah Subhamastu Nitym Lokasamasta Sukhinobhavantu

May all be well with mankind
May the leaders of the Earth protect in every way by keeping to the right path
May there be goodness for those who know the Earth to be sacred.
May all the worlds be happy.

26 August 2011

Sharath London Ashtanga tour 2011

Whoa, what a week I have had... Last Friday my teenage son backed a heavy bit of German motor car into me, resulting in some heavy duty bruising on my legs. Shoulder, elbow and wrist injuries were also part of the deal too.

On Saturday I had treatment on these and called Hamish at Ashtanga yoga London to see if he recommended that I still attend the week long workshop with Sharath. He suggested coming as the yoga would "help with the healing". I expressed my concerns at having to modify my practice and that - having never practiced yoga with Sharath before - he might go too hard on me. I couldn't have been more wrong!

Sharath took me under his wing (along with many other students) and gently assisted me into my backbends. A light gentle touch which conveyed "I'm here, it's okay", softly encouraging me on the way.

By day two or three I was up on my own and he quietly said "very good". By Thursday I was feeling much stronger and finding my flow in the practice. Once again a word of encouragement at the end of the yoga session: "practice really improving".

Friday's practice was fun and fast, and it was lovely to be along side some of the twitter shala and share the energy of those who had been doing the second series all week.

Sharath is now the guru in Mysore, following in the footsteps of his grandfather Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. I don't think this can be an easy path; transitions are often difficult and change is not always welcome. I suppose this leads me to say why I was apprehensive about attending with my injuries. I had heard stories about the count, the pace and the discipline, which left me with preconceived ideas about the new guru. What I found was a gentle unassuming man, who was able to scan the room of 150 + people and see who needed his attention. He was humble, gentle and without frills.

I feel very privileged to have been able to spend a week with Sharath and to share the experience with so many others. It is amazing as a Londoner to be in a room full of strangers (mostly) and feel like you are part of a community; breathing, sweating and chanting together and then going off into the city and doing your best to live yoga. As Sharath said in his parting words " London needs yoga".

A big thank you to Astanga yoga London for organising this event and to Hamish for the wise words of wisdom that enabled me to embark on this adventure: "the yoga will be healing".

Sharath London tour 040 Sharath London tour 045
Sharath London tour 046
Sharath London tour 047
Sharath London tour 048
Sharath London tour 049
Sharath London tour 053

Tired but happy.

22 August 2011

16 August 2011

Quote of the day

Our sorrow and wounds are only healed when we touch them with compassion.

11 August 2011

Here come the boys-Men and yoga

Here is the quite unusual vision of an all male yoga group.
This was taken on my holiday and they are all either related to me, or very close family friends (husband and son included).
Most publication items that are widely available about yoga, will usually have a a nubile, lycra clad female on the cover. Those that do have a male on the cover (few and far between) will either have s very strong looking man with rippling biceps, doing an arm balance that looks pretty unachievable to the novice. Or a ballet dancer type, looking off into the distance, with one leg wrapped somewhere round his neck.

The benefits of yoga are well documented, and many sports men and women are using yoga alongside their regular activities, to help keep their bodies stay flexible and strong. Breathing techniques, which for me are the key aspect of yoga can help you deal with the stress and strain that life may bring ...So anyone from students to company directors ( as in these photos) can take to the yoga mat-regardless of where you can wrap your legs?!

So here are a few photos of the men in my life, doing their yoga thing......Front cover of yoga journal perhaps?

Yoga Ibiza

Yoga Ibiza

Ibiza 2011 144

Yoga Ibiza

Yoga Ibiza

09 August 2011

Will Power & Grace

I tried a demo class of Will Power and Grace yesterday, and can hardly move my legs today :-)
Many of the moves I have seen before, in the good old days as an aerobics instructor ( although we always wore shoes then) . Not entirely certain its for me, but its fun and dynamic, and very reminiscent of the 80s feeing the burn...where are my leg warmers?

Ashtanga Yoga : Standing Up and Dropping Back, with Kino MacGregor and A...

Whoa, not sure I will ever be able to do this? but good to observe how it is done.

04 August 2011

Arj Barker Sickest Buddhist Funny clip

This was shared by a twitter friend Mel-Funny poke at a number of things I can relate to.

02 August 2011

Quote of the day

" Attachment follows the experience of pleasure-Aversion follows the experience of pain-Clinging to life is the sentiment which causes its own potency to flow equally even in the wise-Their operations are to be got rid of by meditation"

Bengali Baba; Yogasutra Patanjali