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Garden yoga moment Mysore style

Garden yoga moment Mysore style, originally uploaded by

Beautiful day in London today, so I took the opportunity to bust a yoga pose or two, while sitting in my garden. Check out the vest top!

Art of yoga adjustments

As my yoga teacher lives in another country, I have to take yoga adjustments where I can. My husband is a handy man for this as he is an Osteopath with an MSc in Sports Medicine. Trusting your assistant is key!

Kurmasana Supta Kurmasana Transition with Kino MacGregor

Strong Legs and Healthy Backbends in Laghuvajrasana with Kino MacGregor & Julia Lofstrand

Straight arms with hands near the feet? I thought hands were near the knees! I'm going to give this variation a go.

Is Ashtanga yoga addictive?

I am rereading Guruji: A Portrait of Sri K Patthabi Jois and have come across an item written by Ashtanga teacher John Scott in which he was asked:
Do you think ashtanga yoga attracts a particular kind of person?
"I think it definitely attracts people who have an obsessive nature or an addictive nature I think the practice itself can be addictive, which is so clever. So anyone who has had a drug habit, for example, is perfect because you can swap one addiction for the yoga practice addiction. Now when you start working with the addiction of yoga, the not doing the yoga is a yoga in itself".

John goes on to say that for 5 years he practised every day and didn't want to miss a day. He says he was addicted and scared to "not do it for fear of letting it go". He also goes onto say how he feels Patthabi Jois understood this and put in full and dark moon days/rest days to give us an opportunity not to practice, "so people with obsessive natures are also challen…

108 Sun Salutation Fundraiser Event, 18th September- Shoreditch, London

In the summer of 2009 my lovely friend, and fellow yoga teacher Georgina went to Rwanda to do three months of voluntary yoga teaching with HIV+ survivors of genocide and rape. Below is her story and why she is doing this fantastic fund raising event. Please contact her if you would like to attend or make a donation.

108 Sun Salutation Fundraiser Event, 18th September- Shoreditch, London

109 Sun Salutations-2009 Photography by Tracey Fahy

"You may remember that in summer 2009 I went to Rwanda to do three months of voluntary yoga teaching with It was a life changing experience and spurred my decision to train as an Art Psychotherapist to gain new skills and resources, including art and yoga, with which to assist people with mental and physical therapeutic health needs.  A group of yoga practitioners I teach in Shoreditch have decided they want to take up the challenge of doing 108 Sun Salutations so we are taking this opportunity to fundraise for We-Actx who offer clinical service…

Ashtanga Yoga : Chakrasana, Backwards Rolling with Kino MacGregor and Daylene Christensen

Vegetarian recipes: Four Bean Indian Salad

This delicious salad is from Yogi Kitchen, a foodie's delight of a blog site. Head over to their website for lots of wonderful dishes.

Four Bean Indian Salad

Adapted from Mysore Style Cooking by V. Sandhya
Serves 2


250 g (8oz) green beans1 handful fresh dill, chopped4-5 tbsp toor dhal4-5 tbsp mung beans (whole)4 tbsp sprouted mung beans4 tbsp minced red bell pepper4 - 5 cups of waterSalt to taste


1 tsp oil1 tsp black mustard seeds2 red chillies, minced1/2 tsp asafetida2 tbsp coconut, (grated fresh is ideal if you have it, we used dried)

Chop green beans into small pieces. Chop the dill finely.In a heavy bottomed pot place the toor dhal and mung beans and cook for 15 to 20 minutes, until soft not mushy.Add the chopped fresh green beans and dill. Cook well until they become just soft.Add salt to taste, then drain the water and set both broth aside and place the vegetables in a large bowl.Heat the oil in a heavy bottomed saute pan, add the mustard se…

Pose of the day

Dwi Pada Sirsasana variation, originally uploaded by

Dwi Pada Sirsasana variation (full postion feet behind the head.)

Ashtanga Yoga Intermediate Series: Karandavasana with Kino MacGregor and Julia Lofstrand

I tried this pose for the first time earlier this summer. I managed to bring my knees down, assisted by my teacher, but getting them back up was a different story. I think this is a useful tip that Kino gives about practising from headstand first and moving the leg back to come into lotus makes sense. Now to practice and possibly fall on my head :-)

Yoga retreat Littleton Mill Wiltshire

Weekend Yoga retreat with Cherie lathey
Littleton Mill, Wiltshire: 7th - 9th October 2011

The weekend ...
This is a yoga weekend to restore and recharge the batteries, before heading into winter hibernation.
It is suitable for those coming to yoga for the first time or for those who want to deepen their practice. This will be a small yoga group and we will be able to focus on individual needs in a calm and tranquil environment. Littleton Mill is a 17th century water mill in Wiltshire, which has been lovingly restored by Melissa and Richard Kendall.
The cost of the weekend is £250. This is on a shared room basis and includes all yoga and freshly prepared organic meals. There are a couple of “non-yoga” spaces available (at a reduced cost) for those who would like to bring a friend or partner to enjoy the peace and quiet on offer. There will be plenty of time to read, rest or walk in the beautiful countryside. Massage is available on request (not included in the…