23 February 2012

A day in photos Melkote India


Luxury 5 rupee toilet bath

Luxury toilet in reality

                                                                   The scenery



Selling his wares




                                                     Goat feeding ( coconuts)

21 February 2012

SIGG's Design competition- for all you budding designers

SiGG a company renowned for its strong eco stance,.and beautifully designed recyclable bottles are inviting budding artists-designers, the opportunity to enter a competition to create a new design for them -and win a financial prize in the process.....good luck and let me know if you add an entry.

SIGG together with TalentHouse is calling on artists, design lovers and SIGG fans everywhere to create and submit an original graphic for the chance to have it produced, sold and inducted into the SIGG 2012 Collection.  Submissions will be displayed online where the public can vote on their favorites.  SIGG along with guest judge Sarah Backhouse of Future360, will choose a winning design in every bottle size category (0.4L, 0.6L and 1L) and will announce them 3 days before Earth Day.  The winning artists will receive $1,000 cash prize, a portion of sales from all bottles sold and 100 bottles of the winning SIGG design. Three runner-ups and a People's Choice favorite will also be highlighted and win cash prizes

For full details go to http://www.talenthouse.com/design-for-sigg?tab=0

19 February 2012

An Ashtanga yoga tweet up in Mysore

A photo from a tweet up here in India yesterday-Who says twitter doesn't work?

@daydreamingmel @padartha @yogamamauk Great to be sharing this yoga experience with my twitter pals and all the other amazing people I have met on the journey.

18 February 2012

Lucky Puppy Mysore

 There are many street dogs here in India and most of them do not have a good life....This little fella found his way to the shala, got himself across the cattle grid (which in its self was quite a challenge) and wandered in and amongst the yoga students, who were waiting out side to practise. He was brought home to our apartment by one of my flatmates and his new life begun. He was cuddled and watered and given somewhere to sleep, that is until the security guard at our building said he had to go!
So off to the vets we went where Lucky was wormed and de-flee powder and special weaning food was purchased....now to find him somewhere to live.....
We walked over to a place where we had been told a mother and her puppies were living. We could hear them, but Lucky made no response what's so ever, so clearly not his family hanging out there. "what to do?" as the Indians would say. Then another big stoke of luck in this dogs life....a lovely yoga student was on her way out and we passed on the stairs-the story of the finding of the puppy, the eviction, the vets etc was told, and without hesitation she she said " he can stay with me for a few days". So Lucky is now well feed and watered and staying in Goklams inequivalent of a penthouse flat getting plenty of love and affection. The story of course does not end here-none of the yoga students are here on a permanent basis, but "lucky has a lot of people looking out for a new home for him. He is being given a greater start then most of the street dogs wandering around....so his temporay name is very apt- clearly a very intuitive dog who new the yogis would take care of him...

14 February 2012

Happy Valentines-A sign of things to come....

I am in India, and this is the card I opened from my husband who is at home in London...It made me laugh a lot-especially as I have been referred to as a senior citizen ( just for the record Im 49 and a bit) whilst ive been here....I will be ageing disgracefully with my valentine....

11 February 2012

10 February 2012

Do you wash in that bucket?

I gave my son a Skype tour of my shared apartment here in Mysore.
When he saw my bathroom he was a bit puzzled and asked " do you wash in that bucket?"
I don't but I might as well as, as the shower seems to hit every surface in the room apart from my body.
 I spend the whole time running around in circles trying to remove the soap im covered in-whilst every other item loo rolls, towels, toiletries gets a good soaking...good workout  I suppose ( as if the yoga isn't enough),  but a fly on the wall would think I'm a loony running around in circles on a daily basis.

09 February 2012

Cotton yoga rug-I've joined the grown up Astangis .

Check out my gorgeous cotton yoga rug. I have a lot of mats at home and in my studio, but none of them the cotton type. Living in London I get hot and sweaty in my yoga practise, but never felt the need to use one of these-Here at the Shala in Mysore the heat is intense-this is both a help and hindrance in my yoga practise...I have been able to slip into poses that have been difficult for me in the past-but also have found myself slipping on my sticky mat, when I dont want to....So I gave this mat a dummy run yesterday and absolutely loved it....I felt more stable especially in the back bending-it helped with the jumping through ( I use that term loosely :-) and I loved the cool texture under my hands....so I'm a convert ....and back in London where its currently -11 it can double up as a blankie.

Bad hair day

I know im on a spiritual journey here in India and such things shouldn't bother me-but look at the state of my hair!
 I took myself off to a salon where a very sweet woman spent hours ( at least that's what it felt like) giving me the deluxe spa hair treatment...this is the end result Lol.
I think Im scaring the local children with this look... especially as I spent the first few days here asking "where is the magic school?" when in fact I meant mystic school-just need a  brookstick and the look is complete.
Will be making an appointment to see Herman ASAP on my return to London


07 February 2012

Holy cows and other stuff

I can not be here in India and not post at least one cow image. They stroll up the street here in what can only be described as "mental" traffic without batting an eyelid-Huge trucks will rush past and still they keep moving ( or not), as they also like to lie down in Mysores equivalent to London Oxford circus...few more photos of life here.

Mysore India 003

Mysore India 009

Mysore India 007

Mysore India 013

04 February 2012

In and around Mysore India

Here are some of the things I love about wandering around in Mysore....

Mysore India 042

Mysore India 044

Mysore India 024

Mysore India 021

Mysore India 014

Mysore India 037

Stilling the mind

"Yoga is the stilling of the fluctuations of the mind" Sutra 1.3 says "only then when the mind is still abides the seer in its true nature."

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 

03 February 2012

Quote of the day

The average gives the world its substance.
The exceptional its value.

Oscar Wilde

01 February 2012