18 February 2012

Lucky Puppy Mysore

 There are many street dogs here in India and most of them do not have a good life....This little fella found his way to the shala, got himself across the cattle grid (which in its self was quite a challenge) and wandered in and amongst the yoga students, who were waiting out side to practise. He was brought home to our apartment by one of my flatmates and his new life begun. He was cuddled and watered and given somewhere to sleep, that is until the security guard at our building said he had to go!
So off to the vets we went where Lucky was wormed and de-flee powder and special weaning food was purchased....now to find him somewhere to live.....
We walked over to a place where we had been told a mother and her puppies were living. We could hear them, but Lucky made no response what's so ever, so clearly not his family hanging out there. "what to do?" as the Indians would say. Then another big stoke of luck in this dogs life....a lovely yoga student was on her way out and we passed on the stairs-the story of the finding of the puppy, the eviction, the vets etc was told, and without hesitation she she said " he can stay with me for a few days". So Lucky is now well feed and watered and staying in Goklams inequivalent of a penthouse flat getting plenty of love and affection. The story of course does not end here-none of the yoga students are here on a permanent basis, but "lucky has a lot of people looking out for a new home for him. He is being given a greater start then most of the street dogs wandering around....so his temporay name is very apt- clearly a very intuitive dog who new the yogis would take care of him...

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