27 June 2012

Wimbledon tennis and yoga

I have been working for the LTA for 19 years and every June I get to do this-I love introducing many of the ball boys and girls to yoga for the first time...and they are always pleasantly surprised at how much they enjoy it ( mostly)

Wimbledon qualifiers 2012

Me with one of the teams

Wimbledon qualifiers 2012

Giving trikonasana a go...

Wimbledon qualifiers 2012

Favourite pose of the day Savasana

Wimbledon qualifiers 2012
Yoga mama bebe :-)

Wimbledon qualifiers 2012

The tennis...

Wimbledon qualifiers 2012

18 June 2012

Am I as good as Sharath?

So Im back on mat having been stuck in this boot for more than four weeks. I asked my daughter to assist me with my back bending this morning-She has never done this before so it really made me laugh when she said " am I as good as Sharath?" I was also impressed that she knew who Sharath was?.....Whilst she is a wonderful talented artist, I don't think he need worry about her taking his "guru" role any time soon.

The girl child

Sharath Jois Mysore

04 June 2012

The cake, the queen and me...Jubilee weekend 2012

 What a fantastic weekend of celebrations we have had....street party's, friends and loads of cake....Even got to hang out with the Queen for a bit ( okay a cardboard cut out of her). Tug of war with competitive men and meeting neighbours that i did not know existed-Love or loathe the royals a community get together is brilliant!