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adidas | Team GB Don't Stop Me Now

What a fantastic two weeks we have had here in London-and what inspirational athletes we have seen.
Wish we could do it all again.

Pose of the day; Vasisthasana

Vasisthasana this photo was taken at Nancy Gilgoffs London Ashtanga yoga workshops, at my studio in Putney.

Alternative Therapies and Cancer Treatment

Here is an interesting item by my guest blogger Melanie Bowen.

For many cancer patients, using alternative treatments can help with the side effects of cancer medications and the symptoms of their illness. Whether you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, breast cancer or colon cancer, there are a number of complimentary therapies that may help you. Massage Therapy According to the Mayo Clinic, massage therapy is an excellent alternative therapy to use to help with symptoms of fatigue, anxiety, depression and pain that often come with cancer. Cancer patients also report that massage therapy is a good method of addressing feelings of stress. Light touch therapy is the most recommended form of massage treatment for cancer patients. If a patient is currently undergoing radiation therapy, it is important to inform the massage therapist so they can avoid the targeted area of treatment for your comfort. Cancer patients often find that getting regular massages helps them relax a…

Laghuvajrasana ( 2nd series) with Kino MacGregor