23 September 2012

Beautiful Venice.-The city of love...

After three days at a "wake" in Ireland I flew to Venice feeling tired and emotional. My husband had some work in the hills outside of the city, so I spent the first day and night alone, wandering the beautiful streets  of Venice ( its a very easy place to be alone in).
We stayed in a fabulous hotel-Hotel bel sita a few minutes walk from piazza San Marco-a small friendly family run place-We were celebrating our wedding anniversary and went for what was supposed to have been a romantic meal-only to be served by the Italian version of Basil Fawlty.An impromptu evening at a Vivaldi concert felt like stepping back in time. The architecture, the food, the art, the gelato, the boats, the gallery's, the glass factory, all absolutely amazing.....bit crowed at times, but I can understand why everyone would want to see this ancient wonder.

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