27 October 2012

Pukka herbs

pukka: incredible organic herbs
I've just come across this amazing range of organic herbs-Not only are they organic and beautifully packaged but that have a fabulous name "Pukka herbs"

Im starting with the organic aloe Vera juice -Aloe is is excellent for skin conditions and has been used for many years to enhance beauty and aid digestion. It is also used to help regulate/stimulate the immune system. It is one of the few vegetarian sources of vitamin B12  and contains many minerals vital to the growth process and healthy function of the body.

Have to be completely honest and say Aloe Vera isn't the best tasting stuff to drink ( although this range isn't as bitter as some I have tasted) - but who cares if it works?......

I will post an update as I continue with the Aloe so watch this space and check out the large range of products available on-line from Pukka herbs



  organic, nutrient rich, inner leaf gel, 100% natural

Aloe Vera Juice         

25 October 2012

Saraswati in Gandhaberundasana, circa 1950

Saraswati in Gandhaberundasana, circa 1950.

I came across this photo on Ashtanga Yoga New York.

It is the only image I have seen of Saraswati practising yoga. She is now in her 70's and assists her son Sharath in Mysore.

24 October 2012

Spectacular autumn colours

At the beginning of the autumn I read we were in for an autumn of spectacular colours....What a delight the colours on offer are here in London-truly amazing at the moment-get out and enjoy before the wind takes the leaves away....

14 October 2012

Om yoga show 2012- My pick of the bunch.

The yoga show will be at London Olympia from the 26-28th of October.
There are a massive amount of workshops and courses to attend, and many different styles of yoga to sample.
 This would be my choice of classes/workshops to attend ( in no particular order)

 Michael Gannon workshops ( he has a number to choose from)
Claire Missingham  "spice up your life"
Durga Devi & Cat Alp-Douglas Jivamuckti Yoga.

All of the above are dynamic forms of yoga and not always suitable for everyone- check the downloadable schedule on the yoga show website.

The children's room

Jo Mannuel yoga for children aged 4-8

Aimee Newton :An osteopathic approach to yoga .

If attending a free class make sure you get there early as these can be busy-Take plenty of money as there are loads of "yogi" things on sale.  Most of all enjoy the variation of yoga that the show has to offer.

01 October 2012

My life...50 years in photos.

I have just celebrated my 50th birthday-Here is a wonderful video put together by my beautiful and talented daughter Cally.... the inside story of yoga mama.