14 October 2012

Om yoga show 2012- My pick of the bunch.

The yoga show will be at London Olympia from the 26-28th of October.
There are a massive amount of workshops and courses to attend, and many different styles of yoga to sample.
 This would be my choice of classes/workshops to attend ( in no particular order)

 Michael Gannon workshops ( he has a number to choose from)
Claire Missingham  "spice up your life"
Durga Devi & Cat Alp-Douglas Jivamuckti Yoga.

All of the above are dynamic forms of yoga and not always suitable for everyone- check the downloadable schedule on the yoga show website.

The children's room

Jo Mannuel yoga for children aged 4-8

Aimee Newton :An osteopathic approach to yoga .

If attending a free class make sure you get there early as these can be busy-Take plenty of money as there are loads of "yogi" things on sale.  Most of all enjoy the variation of yoga that the show has to offer.

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