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Baby first aid workshop

Tuesday 28th January 2014, 10:00 - 13:00 Our First Aid for Babies workshop is 3 hours in duration and covers everything from what to do in an emergency, an unconscious baby, baby and toddler CPR, choking, drowning and preparing for an emergency (including what to have in a first aid kit).

The instructor is a trained nurse and she will also cover in the session: major bleeds, burns, head injuries and meningitis. There will be manuals and certificates to take away with you.

This workshop is a practical session and attendees should wear suitable clothing and advise us prior to the class if there are any pre-existing injuries or conditions that we should be aware of.

Cost: £60 
Please book by Monday 20th January 2014 to ensure your place. Payment on booking. To book, call us on 020 8789 3881 or send us an email to

First aid for babies and toddlers workshop schedule

Action at an emergency (priorities of treatment)What to do if your child is unconscious but breathing …

Weight loss workshop

Saturday 11 January 2014, 1pm – 4.30pm

Want to lose weight permanently and effectively? Here are 5 reasons why you should attend:
Successful proven results in long term weight loss Learn how you can eat to sustain appetite and energy levels and lose the cravings Discover solutions to stop over eating and take effective control of emotional eating Receive a body composition analysis and learn what foods affect your ability to maintain a stable weight Experience a 40 minute relaxation and confidence boosting session using positive affirmations to achieve your goals, look better and feel better

Cost £95

You will be given handouts, a free CD on relaxation and confidence, and a personalized nutritional health assessment (10% discount when booked and paid before Christmas)
Booking is essential as spaces are limited. Please call reception on 020 8789 3881 to book your place or send an email to

Christmas packs from Yoga Mama and the Putney Clinic

Christmas and New Year opening times

Here are the Christmas and New Year opening times for The Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy and Yoga Mama.

Tuesday 24th December - 08:00 - 13:00Wednesday 25th December - ClosedThursday 26th December - ClosedFriday 27th December - Open as normalSaturday 28th December - Open as normal (09:00 - 13:00)Monday 30th December - Open as normalTuesday 31st December - Half day (08:00 - 13:00)Wednesday 1st January - ClosedThursday 2nd January - Open as usual  Appointments 

To book an appointment, you can call us on 020 8789 3881 or you can send an email to Alternatively, you can also book appointments online.

Course timetable: January 2014

Below you will find the Yoga Mama class timetable. This schedule comes into effect the week starting Monday 6th January 2014. Courses last 8 weeks unless otherwise stated.

Day       CourseTimeTeacher     DurationMonday   Prenatal yoga and birth preparation    
(third trimester)
13th Jan - 3rd Feb10 - 11am         Diane4 weeksMondayMat Pilates7 - 8pmLaurent8 weeksTuesdayBaby first aid
28th January10am - 1pmTBAOne classTuesdayBaby massage
7th - 21st January11am - 12pmHajni3 weeksTuesdayAntenatal classes6:30 - 9pmAllison7 weeksWednesday  Tai Chi9:30 - 10:30am    Enid8 weeksWednesday    Postnatal Pilates12 - 1pmKatie8 weeksWednesdayPrenatal yoga7 - 8pmDianeOngoingFridayAshtanga yoga (led)9:30 - 10:30amCherie8 weeksSaturdayPrenatal yoga10 - 11amAndiOngoingSaturdayPostnatal Pilates11:15am - 12:15pm    Andi8 weeks

As course duration has increased from 6 to 8 weeks, there are some modifications to prices as well. Below is a revised list of prices.

Class                          Duration���…

Fantastic vegetarian restaurant Tierra .

Good vegetarian restaurants are hard to find in the UK, but Tierra in Lyme Regis is "The best".

The menu is fantastic and so original. The staff were friendly and efficient and the cost was very reasonable. I would highly recommend a visit to this restaurant if you are ever in Lyme Regis, Dorset. I would even go as far as to say take a visit to this beautiful part of England just to eat here. Hopefully the chef, Mark Evans, will produce a book with his wonderful creations.

Practising yoga with injuries. No pain, no gain?

I am out of action at the moment. I have a hip impingement which has been going on for a quite a while. I've seen all the great and good in the London hip scene (pardon the pun) and have continued my yoga practice the best I can whilst working around the injury site and not taking myself into a point of pain. A recent stint which had me sat at a computer for more hours than I care to count has aggravated the impingement and the steroid injection I had in August has started to wear off.

One of the problems I now have is pain and inflammation causes muscle inhibition. As I currently have pain,  I have been advised to rest to see if the pain subsides. Continuing to work through the pain inhibits the muscles around the injury site and stops them from working efficiently; therefore doing more damage than good. Once I  am relatively pain free, I will work the muscles (in this case the glutes and other core stabilisers) in isolation to try and gain back the strength that has been  lost …

Nutrition for mothers and babies - Free talk

Free talk with Fleur Borrelli. Tuesday 3 December, 11am to 12:30pm

Our Yoga Mama nutritionist, Fleur Borrelli, will be giving a talk on nutrition for mothers and babies on Tuesday 3 December.The talk is free and is open to new and expectant parents.

Everything you wanted to know about postpartum and pregnancy support but were afraid to ask!

What nutrition do we need after the birth and when breastfeeding?How can we avoid post-natal depression through nutrition?Why are the first seven years particularly important for a child's development?What kind of diet should we be eating during pregnancy and afterwards?Should we change our diet at each stage of pregnancy?What lifestyle interventions can we implement to ensure a healthy pregnancy? To book your space contact 0208 789 3881

A moment of Zen at the London Yoga show 2013

The Yoga Mama team had a wonderful (busy) time at the Om Yoga show here in London.

The show also featured the Mind, Body exhibition where there was plenty of weird and wonderful things happening, including spiritual hair cutting.

We met so many lovely people and I was really happy to have some of my yoga pals drop by and say hello... A big thank you to everyone who made it possible.

Here are some photos of the event. For more details on Pregnancy yoga teacher training in London go to

Male yogi modelling job in London 9th November

We are a Sports Modelling Agency who has been going for over 28 years.

We have been asked to find a Male Caucasian Yoga Body Double aged 25+ for a Commercial shooting on Saturday 9th November, they need this yoga person to be able to do some extreme moves here are some of the examples:

They would also like him to be these particular measurements or as close to them as we can get:

Height: 5ft 9”; Chest: 40”; Waist: 34”-36”; Inside leg: 31”; Collar: 16”; Shoe: 8.5

Fee would be £1500 minus agency 20% Commission and the shoot would be a 12 hour day. Rehearsals would be either 1st, 4th, 7th November (1 or more days) - Rehearsal Fee would be £300 per day minus agency 20% commission. Casting/Audition for this is Tuesday 29th October in London, late afternoon to early evening.

If you know anyone then please ask them to send some photos of them doing some extreme poses and their exact measurements to is short on this, so any help in finding this guy …

Courses running in October and November

Here is an up-to-date list of classes and courses running throughout October and November.

October and November timetable

Starting Monday 21 October:

Yoga and birth preparation
4-week course
Women can use up pregnancy class passes and carry any unused sessions into postnatal classes.
Time: 10am
Teacher: Diane
Cost: £56

6-week course
Time: 7pm
Teacher: Laurent
Cost: £84

Starting Tuesday 22 October:

Ashtanga yoga (Mysore style)
6-week course
Time: 9am
Teacher: Cherie
Cost: £90

Baby massage
3-week course (started 14 October)
Time: 11am
Teacher: Hajni
Cost: £45

Core fitness boot camp
4-week course (starting 5 November)
Time: 7pm
Teacher: Stephen
Cost: £56

Starting Wednesday 23 October:

Postnatal Pilates
6-week course (also open to prenatal women)
Time: 12pm
Teacher: Katie
Cost: £84

  Tai Chi
6-week course
Time: 5:30pm
Teacher: Enid
Cost: £84

Prenatal yoga
Time: 7pm
Teacher: Diane
Cost: £84 (class pass system)

Starting Thursday 24 October:

Mum and baby yoga
Time: 10:30am
Teacher: Diane

Quiet London

Quiet London is a beautiful book full of quiet spots in London-written and photographed by the wonderful artist Siobhan Wall. As a Londoner I love the vibrancy and mix of London-I also love quiet spaces too, and this book offers many "secret spots" I didn't know about.

Siobhan is currently writing another Quiet London book and the Yoga Mama studio in Putney has the privilege of being listed in it.

I would highly recommend this to both Londoners and visitors to the capital- who need a little "time out" from the hustle and bustle of the city- and those that enjoy beautiful original photographs of places in London, that you wont find in a guide book.

Available from Amazon

Stress management workshop with Marygrace Anderson

Thursday 14th November, 6 – 8pm
Learn stress management and self–hypnosis
On Thursday 14th November, Marygrace Anderson of MG Hypnosis will be holding a stress management workshop at The Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy . This workshop will teach you some useful stress reduction techniques, allowing you to learn how to relax your mind and body. It will be a positive, fun, relaxing and informative event.

The workshop is aimed at executives, new and experienced parents, new career starters, young adults and anyone facing stress or challenges in their lives. Whatever you do, you can feel better physically and mentally. To learn how to take even more effective control of your emotional and physical well-being by learning stress reduction techniques and self-hypnosis to use during your day.

What will you learn and how can it help you? 
Marygrace will teach you how to use self-hypnosis. You'll leave with a powerful tool to use in your daily life, having learnt techniques that will help…

  Antenatal courses in Putney

The yoga mama antenatal course is run by experienced midwives, antenatal teachers and baby feeding specialists. The course is suitable for couples and most of the classes will be held in the evenings. It is advisable to book a course to start 8-10 weeks before your baby is due (possibly earlier if you are expecting twins). There are 6 ( 2 ½ hour) antenatal sessions, with a further postnatal session.

What the course offers
The course offers practical information and support for pregnancy, all types of birth and early days with a new baby. There will be the opportunity to include any aspects of birth and early days with a baby the group are interested in as well as the following topics:

What to expect during pregnancy (including hormone changes)Induction of labourPhysiology of birth, stages of labour (including early signs)Birth partners role during labourCoping strategies during labour (including both natural & medical pain relief)Early days with a new baby including baby careRel…

All about the balance. Coconut water, wine and beer.

A snap from inside my fridge this week. The mix of wine, beer and vita coca sort of sums up my family really. The ones that drink wine and beer don't go in for the coco water-and the coco water drinker doesn't go in for wine or beer. In summary none of us need worry about the other nicking all the drinks :-)

Svadhayaya ; Self study

Svadhyaya : means self- study. A teacher can only guide a yoga student. A student must then go and study- expanding the knowledge they have learnt from their teacher, until they have some deeper personal understanding of the subject, being shown to them.

Swadhayadisthaddevatasamprayogah YS 2.44

While practicing self study we totally submerse ourselves in the deity that we have chosen.

See Sharath Jois- Astanga yoga Anusthana for his interpretation on this.

The yoga show London 2013

So it's that time of year again when the UK's biggest yoga show is happening here in London. The show is collaborating with Mind Body Soul Experience, so your ticket will take you into both exhibitions.

The Yoga Mama team will be exhibiting at the show and you can find myself and the other teachers and health professionals at Yoga Mama on stand F24a. I will be giving a free 30 minute prenatal yoga class at 4pm on Sunday 27th October (open class 2). This class will be suitable for pregnant women over 14 weeks-and for yoga teachers who are considering teaching prenatal yoga.

It would be lovely to see some of my yogi friends and meet new ones. My team is made up of yoga teachers from different disciplines, osteopaths, a women's health physiotherapist, psychotherapist and a midwife.

Please feel free to come and talk to us about pregnancy yoga teacher training, or anything that the above team may be able to advise you on (including back pain)

We shall be giving away lots of go…

Sharath Jois yoga. Warrior 1 & 2

Interesting to see Sharath count into the pose, but not in the pose its self-same as Manju Jois did in a resent led class I attended.
This is exactly how I was taught this sequence by my teacher Nancy Gilgoff-I notice some teachers ( and students) go into a really deep Utkatasana. Lovely to see the shala in Mysore, sweated it out in that spot a few times myself :-)

Yoga for birth preparation.

How does this pregnancy yoga class differ from a general prenatal yoga class? Diane King our specialist teacher explains.

Yoga for birth preparation classes Diane’s  Yoga for birth preparation classes are tailored for the final stages of pregnancy (From 32 weeks), where what we need most is to quieten the mind, let go of time pressures and constant doing and be in a consciously relaxed state, where we can connect with ourselves, our babies and our inner birthing wisdom. The course runs over four weeks and each week a different topic is discussed at the start of class: Week 1: The natural physiology of birth – What to expect at different stages of the labour process Week 2: Managing fear – Trusting your body and nurturing a sense of empowerment Week 3: Creating a positive intention and guided relaxation – Letting go of the intellect and connecting with intuition and instincts Week 4: Using breath as your anchor in labour – Detailed breath techniques for the different stages of labour After th…

Manju Jois in London

I feel really lucky to have practised yoga with the two people I would call the most influential teachers in my yoga practice, Nancy Gilgoff and Sharath Jois, here in London this summer (see previous blog items).

Nancy has of course known the Jois family for many, many years and recommended practising ashtanga yoga with Manju, if I got the opportunity.

StillPoint yoga London hosted him here in London and I managed to get along to one led ashtanga yoga class. It was a wonderful experience and I can only describe it as a "soft and joyful" practice.

It is always interesting to see how the same yoga asanas (more or less), are taught differently by different teachers. Manju counted us into the pose but not once we were in it. I glanced at him in in what seemed to be a very long Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana and saw that he was counting to himself throughout. This really made me smile. The long pranayama and chanting were the best and was indeed the pranayama practice Nancy had t…

new Tai Chi classes Putney.

We will be offering Tai Chi courses with Enid Gill on Wednesday evenings starting on 11th September (see timetable). Courses are for 6 weeks and cost £84.

Tai Chi with Enid Gill
Using Vlady Stevanovitch's "L'art du chi" methods, we harness and circulate energy within the body, to create a healthier and stronger being – body, mind and sense of self.

Being physically comfortable is the starting point and then, we use breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques to prepare and connect with our body. The method also includes other specific and concrete exercises to direct energy internally, engaging and reinforcing the Dan Dien (Eastern concept - physical centre of 'vital' life energy).

Qi gong exercises and the tai chi chuan postures (Yang short form) are practised to strengthen the lower limbs and Dan Dien, while relaxing the arms, shoulders and breathing, creating a general re-energized sensation. These slow-moving forms (sequence of steps) assist with p…

Autumn class timetable

After a short summer break, our class are up and running again. Please find below a list of all classes currently running (subject to changes). Information about Saturday Pilates courses will be available soon.

DayCourseTimeTeacherDurationMondayPrenatal yoga and birth preparation (third trimester)10:00Diane4 weeksMondayMat Pilates19:00Laurent6 weeksTuesdayAshtanga (Mysore)09:00Cherie6 weeksTuesdayBaby massage11:00Hajni3 weeksTuesdayCore boot camp19:00Stephen6 weeksWednesdayPre & Postnatal Pilates12:00Katie6 weeksWednesday  Tai Chi17:30Enid6 weeksWednesdayPrenatal yoga19:00DianeOngoingThursdayMum & Baby Yoga

Sharath Jois London tour 2013. What a wonderful week!

What an honour it has been to be part of the ashtanga yoga community sharing a week of yoga with the wonderful Sharath Jois here in London.

Meeting new people, seeing familiar faces, and even practising next to my daughter on one occasion. Sharath was truly happy and shiny (which was very contagious)  and even taught a short pranayama at the end of the led primary class on two occasions (which I personally have never experienced with him before). He said that you could use this pranayama if you were stressed or angry... perhaps he thinks us Londoners need it! :-)

He laughed a lot. My daughter Cally had her hands apart in virabhadrasana 1 and I could hear him saying "close your hands" and knew he was talking to her. I reached over and pushed them together. He whispered to me "is she yours?" and laughed (he later said he thought we looked very similar). We were two in a very large group. I'm sure everyone in the room has taken a bit of "Sharath sunshine&quo…