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Sharath in Copenhagen 2009-Wonderful footage

Wonderful rare clip of Sharath both teaching and talking at Astanga Yoga Copenhagen. Beautifully filmed -what a treat.

Big thank you to Jen's and Susanna for sharing. I believe Sharath will be joining them again this summer-see website for details.

Yoga and Pilates timetable - May/June 2013

Below you will find the complete and up-to-date timetable for all yoga and Pilates classes currently offered by yoga mama. This timetable is valid for May and June 2013. DayCourseTimeTeacherDurationMondayPrenatal yoga and birth preparation10:00Diane6 weeksMondayMat Pilates19:00Laurent6 weeksTuesdayAshtanga (Mysore)09:30Cherie6 weeksTuesdayCore boot camp19:00Stephen6 weeksWednesdayPre & Postnatal Pilates12:00Katie6 weeksWednesdayPrenatal yoga19:00DianeThursdayMum & Baby Yoga10:30Diane6 weeksFridayLed Ashtanga09:00Cherie6 weeksSaturdayPrenatal yoga

Coming soon: Prenatal yoga teacher training

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a Prenatal yoga teacher training course. This will be open to yoga teachers and health professionals. Learn how to teach pregnant women safe and appropriate yoga for all trimesters. Yoga Alliance UK accredited. Application opens July (more information to follow).

To register your interest, email

NCT Talk on Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial Osteopathy and the benefits to your baby
Free Talk! Tuesday 4th June 2012, 11am – 12.30pm

Birth is one of the most stressful events of our lives. The baby is subjected to enormous forces, as it journeys down the birth canal.  No wonder the baby’s head is often misshapen especially if your
delivery ended in Forceps or Ventouse.

Laura Tilson, one of our cranial osteopath’s, will speak about how this form of osteopathy can benefit you and your baby, by addressing the dysfunction in the body using gentle touch to prompt and
support change. It works with anatomy and aims to support the body's natural healing mechanisms to restore health.

Topics that we will cover in the talk are: Unsettled behaviour, reflux and digestive problems plus colic, constipation, flat head plus difficulties turning the neck and sleep issues.

For more information or to reserve your place, call the Putney Clinic reception on 0208 789 3881 or email

Yoga for pregnancy: beautiful book.Gurmukh

Bountiful, beautiful, blissful...
A wonderful pregnancy yoga book full of wisdom. I love all the positive affirmations in this book. Gurmukh is very honest and open about her own pregnancy and life experiences, which is always very refreshing. While my prenatal yoga teaching is a bit different from this style (physically), my philosophy and ethos are definitely along these lines.

I would highly recommend this book to pregnant women and will use it as a reading book on my own prenatal yoga teacher training.

Smile at Fear - Living From The Heart (Pema Chodron)

Suryanamaskara B, Led Intermediate Class, Mysore, India

Always good to hear Sharath count the led class.

Thank you toGovinda Kai for sharing.

Yoga keep it in the family. Parampara?

My daughter has been practising yoga on and off for a number of years. She and my son grew up in a household where yoga is a way of life for me. I have never imposed yoga on my family, but I have to say I love having my daughter in my classes. She has started to have a much deeper understanding of yoga and this understanding is helping her through a very difficult and stressful period of time as she prepares for her degree show at Central Saint Martins in London.

I am currently her only yoga teacher but I am hoping she will be able to practice with my own teachers, Nancy Gilgoff and with Sharath Jois when they are in London over the summer.

I remember discussing with Nancy many years ago how it felt to see her daughter practising with her. She had said she always loved looking through her legs and seeing Vanessa on a mat beside her. Vanessa now assists her quite often when she is teaching around the world.

My daughter and I discuss yoga. All limbs. Not too much because in a way by tr…

The pros and cons of a home yoga practice

Okay not a long item on the pros and cons of a home ashtanga yoga practice (or any yoga for that matter). That I feel is for another day.

The pros, as shown in this photograph, are that I get to practice with unbrushed hair in my pyjamas at home. The cons are fairly obvious here. My beautiful old Labrador likes to come and practice his down dogs on my mat and occasionally licks my face when I fully absorbed in my drishti. I wouldn't have it any other way :-)

Digital Drishti, Mysore, India

Lovely video clip by these yogis in production. Saw a number of familiar faces from this years trip to Mysore in here :-)

Yoga Sutra: Tapa

Tapah A burning desire must fuel your discipline. You must make the effort to continuously study the subject. You must devote all your efforts to the supreme self. These are the actions to be taken yo realise yoga.
Yoga sutra 11.1

Samsara, Pema Chodron

Thinking we can find some lasting pleasure and avoid pain is what in Buddhism is called Samsara, a hopeless cycle that goes round and round endlessly and causes us to suffer greatly.

When things fall apart Pema Chodron

Nutrition workshop: It's all about energy

Saturday 1st June 2013, 2-5pm

This is nutrition with a difference. It looks at how we should eat from an evolutionary perspective, also bringing together some of the latest research in anthropology, psychology, neurology and immunology.

This workshop is aimed at anyone interested in understanding a little more about how our patterns of eating have changed since our evolution and what this is affected by.

It will cover topics such as:

What do we mean when we talk about energy?What does stress have to do with it?The selfish brainThe role of exercise in our lives and how this should affect the way we eatHow our eating patterns have changed over the course of our evolutionEating for the mitochondriaWhy we are becoming obeseEating for the pancreas
Positive interaction welcome!

To book, call The Putney Clinic on 0208 789 3881 or email

Cost: £45

Fleur Borrelli
t: 07766 883 522

Stress management workshop: 16th May (6 -8pm)

Learn Stress Management and Self–Hypnosis

You will learn how to take effective control of your emotional and physical well-being by learning stress reduction techniques and self-hypnosis. You'll leave with powerful skills to use in your daily life. We anticipate that the techniques you learn will help in other areas of your life, such as:

Reduce reoccurring physical symptoms of stress in your body (i.e. shoulders, neck, and back pain. Also IBS, headaches, and anxiety attacks)Increase motivation and goal settingStopping old unwanted habitsBuilding self-confidence and increase self-esteem
Marygrace Anderson, an expert in stress reduction, and is an experienced professional in the area of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy & life coaching. She covers a variety of issues for children and works with business professionals, parents and seniors. She advises companies on employee well-being and also helps professional athletes improve their performance. Marygrace states, “I love empoweri…

Yoga retreat at Littleton Mill

Here are some photos from our weekend's yoga retreat at Littleton Mill in Wiltshire. A beautiful 17th-century water mill run on renewable energy in the heart of the English countryside. The vegetarian food was delicious  and the wonderful Ange took care of all our needs. A true "eco" house.

A fabulous group of yogis who practised, ate, walked, laughed and even took a castor oil session together (ashtanga yoga tradition). The energy of the group was just great :-).

Hope to see you all again in the winter.

Class timetable for May 2013

Below you will find a complete list of classes currently running at the Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy. These classes are valid for May 2013.

DayCourseTimeTeacherDurationMondayMat Pilates19:00Laurent6 weeksTuesdayAshtanga (Mysore)09:30Cherie6 weeksTuesdayCore boot camp19:00Stephen6 weeksWednesdayPrenatal yoga19:00DianeThursdayMum & Baby Yoga10:30Diane6 weeksThursdayPostnatal Pilates14:30Katie6 weeksFridayLed Ashtanga09:00Cherie6 weeksSaturdayIntroduction to ashtanga yoga08:45Cherie6 weeksSaturdayPrenatal yoga10:00CherieSaturday