10 November 2013

Nutrition for mothers and babies - Free talk

Free talk with Fleur Borrelli. Tuesday 3 December, 11am to 12:30pm

Our Yoga Mama nutritionist, Fleur Borrelli, will be giving a talk on nutrition for mothers and babies on Tuesday 3 December.The talk is free and is open to new and expectant parents.

Everything you wanted to know about postpartum and pregnancy support but were afraid to ask!

  • What nutrition do we need after the birth and when breastfeeding?
  • How can we avoid post-natal depression through nutrition?
  • Why are the first seven years particularly important for a child's development?
  • What kind of diet should we be eating during pregnancy and afterwards?
  • Should we change our diet at each stage of pregnancy?
  • What lifestyle interventions can we implement to ensure a healthy pregnancy?
To book your space contact 0208 789 3881

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