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Four reasons to do Yoga for birth preparation classes.

Yoga for birth preparation classes are tailored for the final stages of pregnancy (from 32 weeks), where what we need most is to quieten the mind, let go of time pressures and constant doing and be in a consciously relaxed state, where we can connect with ourselves, our babies and our inner birthing wisdom. The course runs over four weeks and each week a different topic is discussed at the start of class: Week 1The natural physiology of birth: what to expect at different stages of the labour processWeek 2Managing fear: Trusting your body and nurturing a sense of empowermentWeek 3Creating a positive intention and guided relaxation: Letting go of the intellect and connecting with intuition and instinctsWeek 4Using breath as your anchor in labour: Detailed breath techniques for the different stages of labour
After the initial discussion, the session becomes more body focused, incorporating yoga postures that can help move the labour process along and build an inner and outer str…

Practice & effort

" Practice implies a certain methodology, involving effort. It has to be followed uninterruptedly for a long time, with firm resolve, application, attention and devotion, to create a stable foundation for training the mind, intelligence, ego and consciousness."
Light on the yoga sutras of Pattanjali.  BKS Iyengar

No quick fix here and this section really is about the inside not the outside (Asana)

April NCT talk: Cranial osteopathy

Cranial Osteopathy and the benefits to you and your babyTuesday 8th April 2014, 11am to 12pm
One of our cranial osteopaths will give a talk on cranial osteopathy and how it can benefit you and your baby.

Birth is one of the most stressful events of our lives. The baby is subjected to enormous forces, as the uterus pushes to move the baby as it journeys down the birth canal. The baby has to squeeze through the bony pelvis on its short but highly stimulating and stressful entry into the world. No wonder the baby’s head is often misshapen especially if your delivery ended in forceps or ventouse. Cranial osteopathy addresses dysfunction in the body by using gentle touch to prompt and support change. It works with anatomy and aims to support the body's natural healing mechanisms to restore health.

Topics that we will cover in the talk include:

Unsettled behaviourReflux and digestive problems,ColicConstipationFlat headDifficulties turning the neckSleep issues
Cost and bookings
This …

Western Ghats India

Here are are few photos from my trip to the Western Ghats. Beautiful Indian country side (after being in the city for quite some time). Elephants, waterfalls, coffee plantations and national parks...