22 May 2014

Midwife-led antenatal courses with Yoga Mama

Yoga Mama are pleased to announce further dates for their midwife-led antenatal courses.


About the course

The Yoga Mama antenatal course offers practical information and support for pregnancy, all types of birth and early days with a new baby. There will be the opportunity to include any aspects of birth and early days with a baby the group are interested in.

Who takes the course?

The Yoga Mama antenatal course is led by Ally Downey, a midwife with vast experience in antenatal care, delivery suites and postnatal care in both private and public settings.

Who is the course for?

Our small, friendly groups (with a maximum of 6 couples) aim to prepare and give confidence to couples for birth and parenting. It is also to enable them to have the best experience possible and create a local support group. The courses are ideal for expectant parents in Putney, Barnes, Roehampton, Wandsworth and other areas of south-west London.

When should you start your antenatal course?

It is advisable to book a course to start 8-10 weeks before your baby is due (possibly earlier if you are expecting twins).

How long does the Yoga Mama antenatal course last for?

There are 5 (2½ hour) antenatal sessions, with a further postnatal session. Sessions are held on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 - 9pm.See below for our forthcoming courses:

Forthcoming courses from June 2014 to February 2015:

  • 3rd June to 1st July 2014 (for August / September births)
  • 2nd to 30th September 2014 (for October / November births)
  • 7th October to 11th November 2014 * (for December births)
  • 18th November to 16th December 2014 (for January births)
  • 6th January to 3rd February 2015 (for February/ March births)
* There is no class on Tuesday 28th October 

Cost of course

The cost of Yoga Mama antenatal courses is £295. This price is per couple, not per person.


More information

For more information about Yoga Mama antenatal courses, visit the Yoga Mama website, which also includes frequently asked questions. If you require any further information or to request an application, send an email to midwife@yogamama.co.uk.


If you would like to book a place on this course, call 020 8789 3881 or send an email to info@putneyclinic.co.uk.

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