05 June 2014

David Keil 5 Day Mysore Self-Practice Intensive


David Keil 5 Day Mysore Self-Practice Intensive

Venue: Stillpoint Yoga London
Dates: Monday 21st to Friday 25th July 2014

We welcome David Keil on his fourth visit to SYL as he again brings his insightful and inspiring touch and wisdom to the mysore self practice space. Take this opportunity to practice with one of the brightest ashtanga yoga teachers on the scene for over 5 days of classes.

  • Self-practice session 1: 06:30 - 08:00
  • Self-practice session 2: 08:00 - 09:30
  • Self-practice session 3: 09:30 - 11:00

Each class will have only 12 practitioners

Price for this intensive course: £130

For more information or to book, click here

"Self-Practice is what yoga is all about. Yoga, for thousands of years has been taught from teacher to student on a one-to-one basis taking a student through his or her own development at an appropriate pace. This method is still used in Mysore, India where the “Guru” of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teaches in this method. This is why this type of practice is also called “Mysore” style or class."

"With this method the group of students each practice at their own pace without being guided through each pose by the teacher throughout the class. It’s not a led or guided class where everyone is doing the same pose at the very same moment. Everyone still does the same poses, just at his or her own pace. This allows for a deeper connection to develop between teacher, student, and the practice. With only four students in the room there is plenty of individual attention that is given to each student. It’s almost like having a private lesson in a group setting. Over five days of daily practice the student begins to go through a process and grows within their practice, this comes from the amount of attention, the discipline and the dedication of practicing daily, the effects will encourage and inspire you. Knowing the practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is not a requirement, only being open minded and receptive to learning is required."
David Keil on self-practice

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