03 June 2014

Workshop: 'Hands on adjustment' with David Keil

'Hands on adjustment workshop' with David Keil

Venue: Stillpoint Yoga London
Date: Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th July 2014
Time: 09:00 - 17:00 (both days)

David Keil, returning to SYL for the fourth time, brings his hands on adjustment workshop to London for the first time. It coincides with the release last year of his highly popular DVD ‘Hands On Adjustments’. For yoga teachers and serious students alike this workshop will shine a light on the deeper aspects of asana practice and how the body relates to asana and their adjustments. The weekend will consist of a full 13 hours of tuition.

Adjustments to yoga poses come in a variety of forms including physical, verbal, and even energetic. The basic workshop and the observation workshop support good intelligent adjustments that address the individual as just that, an individual in the moment and what they need to be aware of or adjust in their practice.

Safe and intelligent adjustments should always begin with a good experience of actually doing the pose, followed by an understanding of what the intention or quality of the pose is. where the student is in their journey of understanding and experiencing the pose, and finally what level of information they can absorb from whatever method of delivery of an adjustment you decide to give.

Outline of the adjustment workshop 

  • Why do we do an adjustment in the first place?
  • What makes a good adjustment?
  • Learn to see the adjustment first, where do they need length or space in their body or breath
  • Learn to use the variety of tools (body parts) that you have available
  • Use your own weight, good body mechanics to both feel and keep you safe
  • Build confidence through different exercises and practice
  • Play with the balance between the student working and you working

Knowing anatomy and function of joints helps us to understand more clearly what physical aspects of the persons body are allowing or restricting the ability to do a pose. Observation allows us to see more clearly the physical aspect of the pose and what needs to change.

The adjustment then delivers the feedback of what is observed so that the student can further explore the pose and its physical, energetic, mental or psycho-spiritual aspects. Therefore adjustments are tailored to the individual in the moment.

Price of the workshop
  • £140 early bird price (pay by 8th June)
  • £160 (after 8th June)

For more information or to book, click here.

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