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Pilates for Low Back Pain

SATURDAY 3 MARCH 2018, 1-2:15PM
Low back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide with up to 80% of adult’s experiencing low back pain during their lifetime. Most cases of low back pain are due to a multi-dimensional factors and very small percentage (1%) of patients will have serious pathology. While there is limited evidence to support individual risk factors as strong predictors of low back pain there is however evidence for the presence of muscle weakness and general deconditioning as one contributor. Subsequently exercise has been shown to be one of the most effective treatment approaches for low back pain.

Pilates aims to increase the strength and control of the muscles around the spine and the pelvis. This helps improve and restore everyday movements, as well as reducing the load on your joints. Practising Pilates regularly helps to promote balance and improve posture.  It also increases body awareness, which plays …

Breathing and Birth Preparation Workshop

This breathing and birth preparation workshop combines birth preparation yoga and hypnobirthing. It is led by yoga teacher Diane King and hypnobirther Dr Stacy Gandolfi. The workshop has been designed for women who are in the final stages of pregnancy (from week 32 onwards). This is a time when mums to be most need to quieten the mind, let go of time pressures and constant doing.

WHAT WE WILL COVER The breathing and birth preparation workshop lasts 2 hours. We will cover the following topics:

BIRTH PREPARATION YOGA WITH DIANENatural Physiology of birthYoga movement & birth positionsBreathing practicesRestorative relaxation
HYPNOBIRTHING WITH STACYFear: physical & psychological impactFear management techniquesHypnosis & self-hypnosisAffirmations & Guided relaxation
COST & BOOKING The next  Breathing and Birth Preparation workshop takes place on Wednesday 7 March, 3:30-5:30pm. It costs £40 and you can book your place…

March Tai Chi Workshop

This Tai Chi workshop is suitable for new students and more experienced students looking to improve their knowledge of the slow powerful movements of the Yang Style Tai Chi health system. You will come away feeling physically energised and mentally relaxed – a perfect a remedy for London life.

WHAT THE WORKSHOP COVERS The workshop will include:
Tai chi movementMeditationStretch and balance exercisesA Qigong sequence
TAI CHI WORKSHOP DETAILS Date: Saturday 10 March 2018
Time: 3:30 – 5pm
Teacher: Michael Burke
Cost: £25

COST AND BOOKINGS The cost of this workshop is £25. You can book your place online or by calling us on 020 8789 3881.

February Mindfulness Made Simple Workshop


Would you like to know more about mindfulness? Did you know that, with practice and a little bit of time, mindfulness can bring about some brilliant benefits? Come along to our Mindfulness Made Simple workshop with our resident hypnotherapist and CBT coach Fiona Worthington. Everyone is welcome; from beginners to those who have been practising for some time.

We will cover the following during the workshop:

What is mindfulness?What it is not?What is the science telling us?What are the benefits?How to start a simple practice


Did you know that there are many benefits to a mindfulness practice? Here are some of the most important benefits.
Increased calm & relaxationBetter sleepIncreased confidenceImprovement in mood & well-beingMore energy & more creativityLess stress, less worry & less anxiety


Mindfulness Made Simple Workshop
Speaker: Fiona Worthington
Date: Wednesday 28 February 2018

Birth Preparation Yoga and Hypnobirthing Teacher Training CPD - April 2018

This Birth Preparation Yoga and Hypnobirthing CPD combines birth preparation yoga and hypnobirthing. The course is led by Cherie Lathey (senior yoga teacher and course director), who will be accompanied by Diane King (birth preparation and pregnancy yoga teacher) and Dr Stacy Gandolfi (hypnobirther and clinical psychologist).

Birth Preparation yoga and Hypnobirthing are for the final stages of pregnancy (from 32 weeks onwards). This is a time when mums-to-be most need to quieten the mind, let go of time pressures and constant doing. During this stage of pregnancy, women should be in a consciously relaxed state. This will allow them to connect not only with themselves, but also with their babies. It also allows women to discover their inner birthing wisdom.

AIM OF THE WORKSHOP The aim of this CPD workshop is to give yoga teachers the information and tools to support women in the…

Fertility Yoga Teacher Training CPD - May 2018

The Yoga Mama fertility yoga teacher training DAY CPD workshop will primarily look at giving yoga teachers the information and tools to support women and couples who are trying to conceive naturally or through in vitro fertilisation (IVF).

AIM OF THE WORKSHOP The aim of this fertility yoga teacher training day CPD workshop is set out below:
To understand what infertility is and how yoga can help and support women and couples.You will learn suitable postures for fertility yoga classes and the effects these have on the body.You will look at factors that might affect conception; including stress, nutrition and lifestyle.Trying for a baby can be a highly stressful time for men and women, so we will also look at how to create a safe, nurturing environment in which to facilitate fertility yoga classes.

WHAT WE WILL COVER In this fertility yoga teacher training day CPD workshop topics covered will include:

Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training CPD - March 2018

The Yoga Mama Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training Day CPD Workshop looks primarily at yoga for postnatal women. However, we also look at integrating babies into postnatal classes. Here at Yoga Mama we encourage women to take a gentle route back into yoga and their bodies. We also feel that facilitating a sense of community within a postnatal class can really help postnatal women. It can help them to feel less isolated and help them gain confidence in handling their babies. Full information about the course can be found below.

AIM OF THE WORKSHOP The aim of this one-day postnatal yoga teacher training day CPD workshop is to give yoga teachers the information and tools to support postnatal women in yoga classes. We look at closing down the body safely post-delivery and how we can best support women both emotionally, physically and spiritually during the postnatal period.

WHAT WE WILL COVER In this postnatal …

Reformer Pilates special offer: 50% off your first session

50% discount on your first 1-2-1 Reformer Pilates session As part of our expanding selection of  Pilates services, we are pleased to announce that we will have 2 new Reformer Pilates teachers joining the team in January. Emily is an experienced Pilates teacher and personal trainer who has worked in a number of top studios in London. Throughout January 2018 she is offering a special introductory offer on first Reformer Pilates sessions.  See below for full details.

What is Reformer Pilates? Reformer Pilates is low impact (easy on the joints), yet challenging, form of exercise. At Yoga Mama and The Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy, we use the Allegro 2 reformer machine, a versatile piece of equipment that allows a wide range of exercises to be performed. The machine’s attachments increase the range of modifications that can be made to exercises, and allows for additional exercises beyond what can be done on in a mat-based Pilates class. This, in conjunction with the support given by t…

February Baby Massage Workshop

Baby Massage Workshop
Tuesday 27th February, 2-3:30pm

Massage is the most natural and instinctive form of caring for the baby. The new-born baby experiences the world through its senses, such as touch, smell, taste, sound and vision. These senses develop gradually. However, from the moment of birth, the baby already understands the language of touch. Join us on this Baby Massage Workshop led by Baby Massage Therapist, Lauren Wee.

What are the benefits of baby massage
Here are some of the benefits of baby massage:

Massage helps to create a unique bond between the parents and the baby.It gives first-time parents more confidence.Massage relaxes both the baby and the parent.Mothers who suffer from postnatal depression may feel more positive when they experience their baby’s response to the massage.Massage helps parents to be aware of their baby’s body and the developmental changes they are going through.Regularly massaged babies develop their motor skills more quickly.Massage helps to i…

Stretch Workshop for February 2018

Stretch Workshop with Cherie Lathey
Saturday 17th February, 1 - 2:30pm
Are you looking to increase your flexibility? Then this stretch workshop is for you.

Many people, whether they are elite athletes or desk bound office workers, need to spend more time stretching to increase their range of motion. Lots of injuries and back problems can have their roots in tightness or in balance in the muscles or stiffness around the joints.

This workshop is loosely based on the Yin Yoga principle of holding stretches for 3 to 5 minutes, thus also stretching the fascia that surrounds the muscles.

This workshop is open to anyone as we will use props to help facilitate this deep stretching. There is no jumping around and the workshop is mostly floor based. Be prepared to take yourself out of your “normal” stretch comfort zone.

Cost and booking
This stretch workshop costs £25. To book your place, call The Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy reception on 020 8789 3881 or visit the Yoga Mama online bookin…

February Restorative Yoga Workshop

February Restorative Yoga with Diane King Wednesday 21 February 2018, 8 – 9:15pm

Are you looking to ease stress and fatigue? Perhaps you are recovering from injury or other health conditions? Or maybe you are just looking for a gentle yoga practice? If so, restorative yoga is for you!

Why not come and relax in a candlelit studio? Breathe and let go! This restorative yoga workshop with Diane is suitable for all levels of experience and flexibility. For those carrying an injury or any health conditions, Diane will assist you with pose modifications.

Cost and bookings

This restorative yoga session costs £20. You can book online, in person at reception, or by calling us on 020 8789 3881.

Forthcoming workshopsWednesday 14 March – Book hereWednesday 18 April – Book hereWednesday 16 May – Book hereWednesday 13 June – Book hereWednesday 11 July – Book here

What is restorative yoga?

Restorative yoga is a form of yoga that seeks to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation with the ai…