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Pattabhi Jois Led Ashtanga Intermediate series 1989 complete series video

I absolutely love this footage.

Thank you to grimmly2007 for finding and sharing this gem.

Eka Pada Ibiza style

After a week of "super clubs" in Ibiza my son busts his version of Eka Pada in a "Trapstar" hat and "Nike Huarache" trainers. While the attire is pretty cool, it is not recommended with this yoga pose.   :-)

Yoga Hip Stretching for Lotus .

Nice hip opener here from Kino Macgregor

Nancy Gilgoff assists Vrishchikasana

A photo from the workshop Nancy taught at my Putney Studio June 2012.

Laghuvajrasana ( 2nd series) with Kino MacGregor

Pose of day;Bhekasana

Gwyneth Paltrow talks about ashtanga yoga

Bhekasana from Ashtanga Yoga Second Series with Kino MacGregor and Dayle...

I have never heard the tip about taking the calf flesh out before-nor the mention of lifting the thighs-Kino always give useful information in her short clips. It took me a long time to get the hand/foot grip correct and my feet most definitely do not touch the floor ;-)

2nd Series Ashtanga with Santina

I love the opening text that goes with this clip-Santina looks to be really in her yoga practise, and not performing solely for the camera.

Ashtanga Yoga Second Series Backbending: Danurasana with Kino MacGregor ...

Ashtanga Intermediate Backbends

The Yoga Show London Olympia 2011

The Yoga Show will be held at London Olympia again this year. It's a great opportunity to try out different styles of yoga and buy yoga books, props, etc.
I would recommend choosing which workshops you would like to attend (this applies to the free ones) and getting yourself in the queue early, as these sessions get very busy and have restricted numbers. I would also recommend you are selective where you place your email addresses on show stands, unless you want to receive a lot of yoga emails ;-). Enjoy

Sample a wide range of yoga and pilates. Open sessions are for all levels of experience including beginners, and are the ideal way to try something new. Sessions are held with some of the country's leading teachers and professional organisations.

WorkshopsTake a longer class and experience the teaching styles of talented inspirational teachers. A chance to try a different style of yoga including popular fusions influenced by yoga, pilates, dance and music.
ExhibitionVisit over 2…

Intermediate Ashtanga Series-Pattabhi Jois

As I have just started practising to the end of the intermediate series, I have been on the look out for some video clips. I came across Sri Pattabhi Jois teaching this section. Fascinating to watch and lovely to hear his calm, gentle voice teaching the practice. I hasten to add my version of the intermediate series vaguely resembles these. Yogis... practice, practice, practice!!!