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01 September 2012

Holidays in Ibiza and 7th series yoga

One the best things about being on holiday is being able to practice yoga at my leisure.
The house is quiet, there are lots of beautiful locations to place my mat-my body warms up quicker so I feel less stiff, and my husband is around to assist me when necessary -so I get to practise much deeper back bends...he has taken to using a small hand towel just like my own teacher Nancy....

The other great thing is I get to practise 7th series yoga "big time". This series is said to be the most challenging of all the yoga practices and Sri Pattabhi Jois called family life 7th series.......I had a wonderful time with my family and friends...the youth of the household would arrive back from a night of clubbing ( scaling the fence), as I rolled my mat out. A number of trips to the airport including one where my son flew back to the UK to take an exam, and then flew back again to Ibiza. Late nights, cocktails, lazy days by the pool all wonderful...I wont go into the stolen phone, the trip to the police station and the 5am early alarm call ( when two of the household went AWOL)..or picking up a zillion wet towels each day...all 7th series :-)

Such was our state of bliss that we completely missed our flight home-had to buy new tickets that took us via Madrid-a night in the airport (watching "The killing" on a laptop) and sleeping on the floor, took 7th series to the max...just like every yoga practise there is the good and sometimes the not so good, but all in all a fantastic fun family trip....See you next year IBIZA

                                          The view
                                          The husband
                                          A mat spot
                                          The cocktails
                                          The foliage
                                          The yoga
                                                 The yoga
                                           The clubbers
                                           another clubber
                                  The sunset