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A day in the life of a yoga student: Mysore - The Lingo.

A little tongue in cheek item about understanding shala speak here in Mysore. :-)

Shala time and real time do not match. Be prepared to show up at the wrong time for a week."One more" doesn't always mean its your turn to enter the shala (although you thought you were next in line)."what's your time?" usually means a) you are too early, b) too late, or c) your time is about to change."Move" means can you please move."Walk" doesn't mean its time to leave. You've got to get your hands closer to your feet in back bends."Catching" doesn't mean someone is about to throw something at you. You are about to do something quite unbelievable (or not, in my case) in a back bend."hmmmm" means your doing something good (I think)"The grunt" could be good or could be bad. Got to listen up here (a bit like when you have a baby and are unsure what that crying is for? milk, changing etc... the same principal applies…