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Coconut Starbucks?

This is the nearest thing to Starbucks here in Gokulam Mysore. As far as I'm aware they do not sell coffee. "Coconut sweet or water?" is the request from the barista. It's a favourite hang out for many yoga students and local young people. The post practice fresh coconut is like nectar from the gods.

Tibetan Monks in Bylakuppe, India

Took a day trip from Gokulam in Mysore to the monastery in Bylakuppe yesterday.

Myself and some other yoga students took our life in our hands with a taxi ride that took a few hours (a taxi ride here is an experience in itself).

Bylakuppe is a beautiful, tranquil place and attracts people from all faiths. I saw Christian nuns, women clad in burqas and of course many Hindus.

There was a festival going on in the temple and I feel we were very lucky to have witnessed this.

A day in the life of a yoga student in Mysore

So I'm here in Mysore India to practice yoga at the Ashtanga yoga institute. I could write a long monologue of my practice, the shala, the students, the gossip and all the other "stuff" that keeps the yoga students entertained when they are not practising asana. Instead I will give you a glimpse into the life of the people of India who are teaching me lessons every day that I am here.