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A Remarkable Man

On Friday the 4th of January, I attended the celebratory funeral service of a truly "remarkable" man. An academic scholar, who spoke 5 languages, and was awarded many accolades for his services both in the UK and abroad. At 81 he swam and windsurfed and indeed had the greatest enthusiasm and passion for life of anyone I have ever met (except for his wife).

All of these things mentioned would be fantastic things to be remembered by; but for me I will remember him for the following:
His compassionHis humilityHis love for his familyHis interest in everyone's lifeHis love of art and operaHis acceptance of all beingsHis ability to encourage his children and grandchildren to be who they wanted to beHis large gin and tonics and his passion for cooking We visited him in hospital a week before he died and - despite being very unwell - he was surrounded by his children and grandchildren and when one of them asked "what does namaste mean?", he knew the answer but was too …