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Aparigraha with David Swenson. Ashtanga Yoga Confluence 2013

Another great clip from the Ashtanga yoga confluence 2013. David Swenson shares his understanding of Aparigraha. I love his fun story telling approach!
Thank you to Amanda Manfredi

The Jungle Physicians - Conversations With Guruji

I love all the stories here! Such a wonderful insight to Pattabhi Jois-what a great sense of humour he had. I think Sharath has learnt a lot from his grandfather in all areas. I've seen him cut people down in conference when he thinks they have asked a stupid question.

Thank you to Amanda Manfredi·

Ahimsa With Dena Kingsberg-Ashtanga Yoga Confluence

I love this interpretation of Ahimsa from Dena Kingsberg-Wonderful practical stuff.....
Thank you for sharing this
Amanda Manfredi