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Ashtanga Yoga Mysore aged 50 (well almost)

SO I have arrived in Mysore for the first time in what will be the year of my 50th birthday. I have registered at the shala, and as suspected I am one of the older students.
 I think there will be pros and cons of making my first trip to practise at the home of Ashtanga yoga at this stage of my life-My body is not what it once was, and some of the poses do not come as easily as they have done at various stages in the past....The up side to having many years of practise is that the other seven limbs are growing, and I have a pretty firm foundation in the subtle aspects of both myself, and this amazing yoga practise although there is a long way to go.
 I have left my nice comfy home and family, to rent a room in a shared space with fellow yogis, with whom I will share this journey......
I have not come to "find myself" as im not lost ( this is what some people thing you come to India for).
 I have not come to Mysore to get more poses, nor to get certified as a teacher- I have…