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14 October 2013

Svadhayaya ; Self study

Svadhyaya : means self- study. A teacher can only guide a yoga student. A student must then go and study- expanding the knowledge they have learnt from their teacher, until they have some deeper personal understanding of the subject, being shown to them.

Swadhayadisthaddevatasamprayogah YS 2.44

While practicing self study we totally submerse ourselves in the deity that we have chosen.

See Sharath Jois- Astanga yoga Anusthana for his interpretation on this. 

06 June 2013

SATYA; Truthfulness.-Astanga Yoga Anusthana

From Sharath's book Astanga Yoga Anusthana.

Satya means being truthful to others both in words and and actions, not telling lies, and following a path that is true and honest.

Speak the truth that is sweet, do not speak the truth that is not sweet. Do not lie to please. This is the eternal dharma

satyapratisthayam kriyaphalasrayatvam ys 2.36

By being truthful whatever action you take will be successful.

22 April 2013

Savasana or No asana?

So this is the one thing in Sharath's new book ASTANGA YOGA ANUSTHANA that took me slightly by surprise. At the end of the yoga practice Sharath says "take rest". In Mysore he says "go home and take rest". Many, many books and teachers (including myself) refer to the pose below as savasana. Sharath says in his book this is NOT savasana as no asana (pose) is being done. Thoughts anyone?

17 April 2013

Asteya-Yama, Non-stealing by Sharath Jois

Here is Asteya one of the Yamas from the ashtanga yoga eight limbs.

This is from Sharath's book Astanga yoga Anusthana. I have heard him discuss some of the things mentioned here, including the stealing of poses. I think if we could all practice this to the best of our ability (both in and out of the yoga community), life would indeed be a better place. I think quite often non-stealing is associated with material theft. This item clearly defines a number of areas to be considered.

"Asteya means non stealing property or wealth that belongs to others. This includes not stealing work, ideas or even attempting to perform Asana that are not taught to you. If you practice non-stealing, you will reap all the gems of life, which are not necessary monetary. Real gems are peace of mind, joy and ultimate happiness. According to the yogis, there is no gem like the peace of mind and ultimate joy that we can attain through spiritual practice, and non-attachment,  Indeed, non-attachment is probably the most effective antidote to the desire to steal, for the desire to possess comes to us only when we succumb to forms of attachments."
Sharath Jois

asteyapratishaayam sarvaratnopasthanam YS 2.37
When one is established in non-stealing, all jewels present themselves.