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Pelvic Floor and Core Stability Workshop

Pelvic Floor and Core Stability Workshop
with Baz Moffat
Thursday 6th October, 7 – 8:30pm

Venue: The Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy
Cost £30 (early bird rate £25)

This workshop is for women who are interested in finding out more about their pelvic floor. Whether you have had a baby or not and however old you are, every woman needs to know this!

The evening will teach you how to strengthen your pelvic floor and core so that, for years to come, you have got a solid, strong and dependable body which does not let you down when you jump, laugh or sneeze!

You will leave this workshop knowing the important role the pelvic floor has on stabilising the body, and how to engage it effectively so that you can be healthy, active and fit at all stages of life.

About Baz Moffat
Baz Moffat is a Women's Health and Fitness Coach. She has a BSc and MSc in Sports Science, rowed on the GB Senior team for 4 years and won World Championship medals. She is mum to two young boys and specialises in pelvic …