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Bishopstrow House, Weekend Spa

After a week of intense yoga practice and a week that saw my body have a collision with a piece of Germany's finest car engineering, my son not getting his university place of choice, and then getting two places, I was exhausted both physically and mentally. The change in the university plans meant I did not have to make the long drive to Newcastle, so I cancelled my trip and booked a place at Bishopstrow House for my husband and myself instead.
I have blogged about this Spa hotel before. It is a beautiful, old manor house set in gorgeous countryside and has a feel of being in another era. While swimming alone in the outdoor pool, I imagined this is what it would have been like for the Astors, of Clivedon house, without the scandal of Christine Keller and the Profumo affair.
I booked a garden room but when I arrived it had been given to someone else. I almost wept when I was given a room without a view. However, this was swiftly rectified and the unwinding process began.
The spa …

Bishopstrow House, Hotel and Spa Warminster

On a recent trip to Wiltshire to practice yoga, I stayed at this beautiful hotel; Bishopstrow House. Having had months of "full-on" work commitments, this was a real treat indeed.
My room was beautiful and looked out over a private garden that made me think of Watership Down, with rabbits (that looked rather big, but then again I am a true Londoner) hopping around the lawn. I had an evening swim in the heated outdoor pool, which is a rarity in itself; finding an outdoor pool in the UK that is actually warm enough to swim in.
I headed over to the spa and had a steam and sauna followed by what can only be described as the most unusual shower I have ever had.
Being a new spa the double shower gave you a push button choice to the kind of shower you would like to choose. I choose the Caribbean storm. I stood in the shower and closed my eyes as a fine warm mist sprayed onto my face; gorgeous! There were sound effects playing too, so when a thunder clap started, I should have taken n…