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11 February 2011

The PinkPower Walk 2011

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The PinkPower Walk is now in its eighth year and will take place on the 15th of May 2011. So far, more than three quarters of a million pounds have been raised, for two Breast Cancer Charities. The Riverside Health and Racquets Club Chiswick is one of the events sponsors. They have fully embraced the 16-mile fund-raising event and are offering training walks and tips to both members and non-members participating in the PPW 2011.

The walk is held annually in south-west London to raise vital funds for Breakthrough Breast Cancer and the Caron Keating Foundation, a charity set up by TV personality Gloria Hunniford in the wake of her daughter Caron’s death.

To find out more about The PinkPower Walk, please visit:

To find out about training sessions with Esporta, call The Esporta Riverside Health and Racquets Club, Chiswick on 020 8987 1800 or ask at reception.

Photo- Jane Donachy, General manager at Esporta Riverside Club & me :-)

27 May 2010

PinkPower Walk 2010

It is now over a week since our 7th PinkPower walk took place. It was a fantastic day and, as always, an emotional one. Although it is still early days, and money is still coming in, our total so far is £90,000 from last week’s event; bringing funds raised so far to in excess of £700,000

There is a team of six who put this event together, sitting around a kitchen table a couple of times a month throughout the year, then going off to manage our designated jobs, corresponding via email and snatched early morning meetings before work.

The event would not be possible without the support of many family and friends, who give up their time to come and volunteer both on the day, and prior to the event. Hundreds of walkers have taken part and raised the staggering amount above. All doing their bit to help find a cure for breast cancer

Over the years we have laughed, cried and pulled our hair out trying to organise the event around our working lives. On more than one occasion, I have asked myself whether I can continue to play an active role while juggling work and family life. The answer is yes, while women are still suffering from breast cancer and we are still able to put on this event, we shall continue to raise funds for breast cancer research.

We, in the team, have all lost friends to breast cancer; the most recent being a young woman of 32 who was going to take part in this year’s event, but who sadly passed away days before it took place. Gloria Hunniford lost her beautiful daughter to breast cancer and has always come along and supported the PinkPower walk.

The walk supports The Caron Keating Foundation, a charity set-up by Gloria Hunniford, and Breakthrough Breast Cancer, a charity dedicated to saving lives and changing futures, through research, campaigning and education.

If you would like to take part in this event, or become a sponsor, please contact:

You can still donate at:

11 April 2010

Visit to the Breakthrough Research Unit at King's College London

In December a couple of my fellow PinkPower Walk team members and I were invited to meet Dr Andrew Tutt and a number of other scientists at Breakthrough's research unit at Kings College London.

We were there to see how they money raised from the 2009 PinkPower Walk was being spent.

Dr Tutt and his team (seen in the photo above) are an amazing group of individuals, who have dedicated their lives to Breast cancer research. Their passion and drive is amazing; I came away feeling humbled and moved by their professionalism and their expertise.

27 July 2009

The PinkPower Walk

On Sunday 17th of May, the sixth annual PinkPower Walk took place. This year's walk was slightly different from previous years as it was a 16-mile walk (setting out from Richmond Park and finishing in Barnes), whereas in previous editions it was either a marathon or half-marathon event. I am pleased to announce that an amazing £160,000 has been raised from this year's walk, with money raised going to two charities, Breakthrough and the Caron Keating Foundation, both of which raise funds for research into breast cancer.

What is the PinkPower Walk?

The PinkPower Walk came to exist after a I and a group of five other women applied to take part in another breast cancer fundraising event, only to be not given a place. Far from discouraging us, this disappointment actually inspired us to set about creating our own event and with the cooperation and participation of friends and family, we were able to gather together 38 participants for the first walk, raising approximately £39,000…

The team...

The team consists of six friends: Anne, Cathy, Christine, Hester, Rhiannon and myself. Two of the original team members have since relocated; Libby, who has returned to Canada but continues to make an annual visit to London in order to participate, and Kate, who now lives in the north of England but who is hoping to set up a northern PPW event. It may seem like a cliché, but it is surprising what can be achieved when a group of women get together around a kitchen table.

It is a close-knit team; we have laughed and cried together and probably discussed most topics under the sun while organising the annual walk. I think that what really draws everyone together is the fact that all who participate are volunteers, giving up their time to come and support such a worthwhile cause.

Some figures...

During the walk's six-year history, we have raised more than £600,000 for the two charities. We have been to the breast cancer research centres in London to see how and where this money has been spent and it is comforting to know that all of the participants and their sponsors are playing a part in finding a cure for this horrible disease. In short, I am very proud to be a part of this event. Roll on 2010!

Cherie Lathey.