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Cheryl Cole

Earlier in this month when the weather was lovely and sunny, Cheryl Cole came to a studio near my house to rehearse for a performance at the O2 Arena with the Black Eyed Peas.

We had our doors and windows wide open so listened repeatedly to her rendition of Parachutes and other tunes (I have no idea about her music).

Have to say it’s not exactly my kind of music, much more a Motown kind of girl myself (and partial to The Kings of Leon), but was pleasantly surprised that Cheryl sung quite well.

My 17 year old son could not believe his luck when we were outside the house, as Cheryl and her massive minder got into an equally massive car. I had to tell the boy to put his tongue back in his mouth. She looked like a very sweet young girl and was teeny weeny. Boy child said she is HOT!!