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Cotton yoga rug-I've joined the grown up Astangis .

Check out my gorgeous cotton yoga rug. I have a lot of mats at home and in my studio, but none of them the cotton type. Living in London I get hot and sweaty in my yoga practise, but never felt the need to use one of these-Here at the Shala in Mysore the heat is intense-this is both a help and hindrance in my yoga practise...I have been able to slip into poses that have been difficult for me in the past-but also have found myself slipping on my sticky mat, when I dont want to....So I gave this mat a dummy run yesterday and absolutely loved it....I felt more stable especially in the back bending-it helped with the jumping through ( I use that term loosely :-) and I loved the cool texture under my I'm a convert ....and back in London where its currently -11 it can double up as a blankie.