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23 July 2009

The Credit Crunch: what to do you when you run out of ideas

Was going to give this post the following title: Lakshimi, or how the Royal Bank of Scotland resorts to Hindu deities to overcome the Credit Crunch... but unfortunately it was a tad long.

It would appear that the Credit Crunch is really start to hit where it hurts most... one's pockets! It becomes even more daunting when your bank starts sending you Hindu deities, Lakshimi (money goddess) to be precise, as a means of solving our financial worries.

I cannot help but ask myself what they will think of next: free fortune cookies when you open a saver's account; stockbroking with Mystic Meg; telephone banking with Lady Luck; free money trees for online bankers... but my personal favourite (a surefire success) are Googlemaps or GPS systems with directions to the end of a rainbow, and a free toy leprechaun for your car thrown in for short measure!