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02 September 2012

"The art of happiness" The Dali Lama

I have just finished reading this book whilst on holiday-I found it a wonderful insight into the Dali lama and Buddhism. Its is written by a psychiatrist who interviewed the Dalai Lama many times. The book is a combination of narrative by the author and extended quotes of the Dalai Lama's answers. The simplicity of many of his answers was so refreshing, and keeping life simple is key-His kindness and compassion to all philosophy, is simple but effective-forgiveness is also included.... 

I read this on my kindle and highlighted many things-I do not think you have to be religious or a Buddhist  to enjoy this book, I would highly recommend this read, especially to those of us that sometimes need reminding to "keep it simple"

27 May 2012

Anger and emotion...Dali Lama

According to my experience, it is clear that if each individual makes an effort then he or she can change.
Of course, is not immediate and it takes a lot of time. In order to change and deal with emotions it is crucial to analyse which thoughts are useful, constructive and of benefit to us.
 I mean mainly those thoughts which make us calmer, more relaxed and which give us peace of mind, versus those thoughts which create uneasiness, fear and frustration.

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Dali Lama
Book of wisdom

16 December 2011

Mental Transformation & Quick fix society

I came across this item by the Dali Lama which I found to be so spot on-We are in a quick fix society and transformation of any kind takes time...the path to transformation is a long one, with twists and turns all the way..better to be on it than not in my humble opinion.

One thing that you should remember is that mental transformations take time and are not easy. I think some people from the West, where technology is so good think that everything is automatic.
You should not expect this spiritual transformation to take place within a short time; keep it in your mind and make a constant effort, then after 1 year, 5years 10 years, 15 years you will eventually find some change. I still sometimes find it very difficult to practise these things. However, I do believe these practises are extremely useful.

Dali Lama