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18 March 2011

How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying

Daniel Radcliffe’s musical debut on Broadway. NYC

On my recent trip to New York City, my family and I were lucky enough to go and see this show on Broadway. Daniel Radcliffe gave an amazing performance in his musical debut, playing the character J. Pierrepont Finch. The story of an ambitious young man’s rise (Radciffe) from mail room clerk to vice president of a big company using fairly questionable business practices.

It is a very funny and entertaining show and the 21 year-old Radcliffe has certainly shown that he is more than just a wizard. His singing, dancing and comic timing were spot on. This is a well cast production and I particularly liked the women’s costumes. My whole family loved this show and would happily see it again, so if your in NYC and looking for something that the whole family would enjoy (teenagers in my case), I would highly recommend “How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying”.

We were invited back stage to meet Daniel in his dressing room. What a delightful, unassuming star he is. It’s a rarity to have talent, fame and fortune and remain grounded at such a young age.

“How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying” is on at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre on Broadway, New York.

Fans lining up to see Daniel Radcliffe outside the Al Hirschfeld Theater after the performance

09 December 2009

Daniel Radcliffe - Harry Potter.

My daughter recently meet Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame and said what a charming unaffected young man he is. I thought I would share a (what I think is funny) conversation that she overhead from a couple that joined them in the room.

Woman: “Look there, that man from the telly”

Man: “What? Is he in Eastenders? Coronation St?” . (He then proceeded to name various TV shows)

Woman: “No, you idiot! He is a hobbit in The Lord of the Rings !”

Think not!

Fortunately Harry Potter did not hear this conversation, but from what I have been told, he too might have found it funny.