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The Physical and Psychological Effects of Stress

The Physical and Psychological Effects of Stress Free Stress Management Talk with Fiona Worthington and Dermot Burke
Thursday 29th June 7-8.30pm

Did you know that stress can affect us physically as well as psychologically? In modern life, stress is more common than you would perhaps think. For this reason, the Putney Clinic is holding a free stress management workshop on Thursday 29th June. The talk will be led by our resident Clinical Hypnotherapist, Fiona Worthington, and Physiotherapist, Dermot Burke. They will offer suggestions to ease the physical and psychological effects of stress. In addition to this, they will give practical advice on how you can take better care of yourself moving forward.


During the talk, Fiona and Dermot will cover a broad spectrum of stress-related topics, amongst which are:

The physiological effects of stress and The Biopsychosocial Model.How stress can influence pain and our behaviour.The physiological effects of exercise and movement.S…