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07 July 2011

From pregnancy to giving birth with yoga.

Prenatal yoga with yoga mama

Dr Françoise Barbira Freedman presents:

From pregnancy to giving birth with yoga:
A birthlight workshop
Sunday 24 July 2011 5– 7pm
Triyoga Primrose Hill
Everyone is welcome
£50 per couple or £25 for one person.

In Ayurveda, as well as in other world traditions, pregnancy is a special time for mothers to grow strong and well together with their babies.

This workshop is for mothers to be and partners (or supporting close friend or relative) and it is based on the principles of Birthlight, a charitable trust founded by Dr. Freedman.

Birthlight aims to promote the greater enjoyment of pregnancy, birth and babies using Yoga and breathing methods to enhance your and your baby’s well-being. Birth 'light' refers to giving birth lightly, without undue strain on the body and making full use of the breath, it also refers to the ‘light’ that can shine around birth. The workshop teachings are based on using the flow of breath in relaxed stretches and adapting classic yoga postures for women's needs in pregnancy, after birth and for reproductive health generally.

As well as teaching pregnancy yoga and training pregnancy yoga teachers, Françoise works as a medical anthropologist at the University of Cambridge and lectures in midwifery and women's health studies for the NHS. She considers her four children her finest accomplishment.

Call 020 7483 3344 to book for a single place - you can't do this online.