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Four reasons to do Yoga for birth preparation classes.

Yoga for birth preparation classes are tailored for the final stages of pregnancy (from 32 weeks), where what we need most is to quieten the mind, let go of time pressures and constant doing and be in a consciously relaxed state, where we can connect with ourselves, our babies and our inner birthing wisdom. The course runs over four weeks and each week a different topic is discussed at the start of class: Week 1The natural physiology of birth: what to expect at different stages of the labour processWeek 2Managing fear: Trusting your body and nurturing a sense of empowermentWeek 3Creating a positive intention and guided relaxation: Letting go of the intellect and connecting with intuition and instinctsWeek 4Using breath as your anchor in labour: Detailed breath techniques for the different stages of labour
After the initial discussion, the session becomes more body focused, incorporating yoga postures that can help move the labour process along and build an inner and outer str…