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01 September 2009

Moon days

In Ashtanga tradition, both the full and new moon are observed as rest days. It is believed that, as human beings are made up of 70% water, we are affected by the gravitational pull of the moon in a similar way that sea tides are affected.

It is said that the energy from the full moon can make us headstrong, while that from the new moon has a more calming effect, but which can also make us more lethargic. Therefore, by connecting with the natural ebb and flow of the moon, we can be more connected not only to ourselves, but also to the natural rhythms of the Earth.

Here is a calendar of the new and full moons for 2009:

Full moon

  • Sunday 11th January
  • Monday 9th February
  • Wednesday 11th March
  • Thursday 9th April
  • Saturday 9th May
  • Sunday 7th June
  • Tuesday 7th July
  • Thursday 6th August
  • Friday 4th September
  • Sunday 4th October
  • Monday 2nd November
  • Wednesday 2nd December
  • Thursday 31st December

New moon

  • Monday 26th January
  • Wednesday 25th February
  • Thursday 26th March
  • Saturday 25th April
  • Sunday 24th May
  • Monday 22nd June
  • Wednesday 22nd July
  • Thursday 20th August
  • Friday 18th September
  • Sunday 18th October
  • Monday 16th November
  • Wednesday 16th December