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Here come the boys-Men and yoga

Here is the quite unusual vision of an all male yoga group. This was taken on my holiday and they are all either related to me, or very close family friends (husband and son included). Most publication items that are widely available about yoga, will usually have a a nubile, lycra clad female on the cover. Those that do have a male on the cover (few and far between) will either have s very strong looking man with rippling biceps, doing an arm balance that looks pretty unachievable to the novice. Or a ballet dancer type, looking off into the distance, with one leg wrapped somewhere round his neck.
The benefits of yoga are well documented, and many sports men and women are using yoga alongside their regular activities, to help keep their bodies stay flexible and strong. Breathing techniques, which for me are the key aspect of yoga can help you deal with the stress and strain that life may bring ...So anyone from students to company directors ( as in these photos) can take to the yoga ma…